Monday, September 12, 2011

My Weekend via Instagram

Hi Deweese,

How was Orlando? I really, really hope it didn't rain too much and you got some sunshine. So happy that you got see your big bro--what a special family trip.

This weekend some dear friends from very first job as a grown up came to visit NYC and stayed with me for a portion of their trip. Two of them came all the way from Holland, and brought us all our favorite collective snack: Stroopwafels, a maple/caramel-drenched waffle (BTW... I always called them "stroopenwafels"... but I guess its "stroopwafel"??).

It is always so nice to see friends again after such a long time and pick up right where we left off.  We had a low key weekend that involved: strolling around my neighborhood, eating an entire loaf of cinnamon bread in one sitting, a picnic on the Great Lawn in the almost raining weather, and a Mets Game at Citifield... which is the shiniest newest stadium I've ever been to.  Here are some pics taken via my obsession, instagram:


PS: On more somber note, it was a sad, emotional, eerie, and, well, hard-to-define weekend in New York, as I am sure it was in DC, too.  I read some of the most interesting articles in New York Magazine last week that really got me thinking, including their Encyclopedia of 9/11.  Check it out here.

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