Thursday, September 15, 2011

mini moo.

Dear Friends,

To keep with our style of making our reality completely transparent, we wanted to share our brand new "Mini MOO" cards:

 They are like little business cards, but are 1/2 the size and just for fun:

They simply show off our logo and on the reverse the address. Everything else can be found right here on the blog! 
So. Are you asking: "Who do they think they are getting cards?" Yeah, we kinda felt the same way. But we were heading to the Emily Henderson event and thought... why not? They were fun to design, fun to have on hand at the event, and most importantly fun to have lying around our apartments making us feel special.  So far, Blythe has handed them out to a few cousins, her parents, and her most recent visitors. So yeah, big time networking going on.

We would definitely recommend moo! First of all, they are really customize-able and a nice quality. Second, they are afforable. Third, its a super cute name and they were fast and easy to work with!

Hope you like!

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