Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Absolutely love the anthro choices. You are going to love the wide leg jeans... so comfy! Speaking of comfy, those dresses look beautiful and feminine AND so wearable! Love the last one especially. Well done, D!

What's going on fashion-wise here in NYC, you ask? That's a really good question. I know it was Fashion Week and all, but all I can think about is interiors/home goods. Oops. Ya see, the beginning of the fall at Housing Works is so amazing, I just gotta devote a post to it. Each branch saves all their good stuff for a big fall preview, and anything that doesn't sell just stays on the floor. Behold, pictures I took walking around the Chelsea branch.  These are all from one visit:

I'd definitely buy just about all of that stuff above... except maybe the broken canary Eames imitation that's priced at $845.00.  Yikes.

Oh, and I almost bought this to fulfill a childhood dream.  I'm kinda regretting not picking it up! 

Sigh.  Do another Groupon, Housing Works!



  1. Loving everything mirrored (that bureau is to die for)! the bedazzler even fits the bill!

  2. Gotta love Housing Works! That is a bad Eames Lounger knockoff!

  3. Lori: I know-- lots of mirrored things. I love that mirror with the sunburst top.

    Nick: yeah but its YELLOW. That is kinda cool.

    Also that pendant lamp moved to the auction, so now anyone can buy it:


    I really want it, actually, for the itty bitty hallway! Hmmm.

  4. If I had to come up with reasons to live in NYC, Housing Works would be in the top 5. So jelly!

  5. Def do the pendant lamp in the itty bitty hall! So great! I love it - it's very Novogratz to me and you know how I adore them!