Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How do you do?

Hey Blythe,

Glad you had such a great weekend with your family in New Hampsha. Jeff and I had a fantabulous weekend in Chicago! We were there for a wedding which was a blast and stayed an extra night for a lil' getaway. Photos to come.

I get so excited when you get excited about TV. Maybe it just makes me feel like a little bit less of a loser for all the loser TV I watch.  I mean, I watch really bad TV. Here's my list so far for Fall... readers, what am I missing?

Rachel Zoe Project
Gossip Girl
Real Housewives Beverly Hills
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
One Tree Hill

And I kinda want to watch Hart of Dixie (A new CW show featuring Summer from The O.C.). And agree that Up All Night looks great too. Gotta add that to the TiVo.

I watched the New Girl promo and am undecided. It looks like Mr. TiVo is offering to show me the pilot  for free, so I'll get on that and get back to you.

Speaking of making lists, I've become obsessed with a new online to-do list that my friend Wes introduced me to. It's called Toodledo (great name, right?). Previously I had to-do lists in about five different places including at work, on my gmail 'tasks' list and in a little notebook I carry around. The system just wasn't cutting it. Now I have them on one online list that I can also access from my phone, because we live in a wonderful world.  I'm a little manic so I have about 8 different lists/folders, but I can see them all at once, or just view one folder at a time. I can set due dates, prioritize and sort. Needless to say, I'm hooked.

Little Green Notebook recommended TeuxDeux a while back and I checked it out too. It definitely looks prettier than Toodledo, but is more date oriented (Monday - Call Dentist) which isn't what I was looking for. However, TeuxDeux promises to make you instantly more likeable... and who can argue with that.

What do you think? I know you're a to do list kinda gal, are you tempted take yours online?



  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I just signed up for Toodledo and am already loving it. I previously was triangulating among at least three different Google Doc lists -- NOT efficient.

  2. Claudine, So glad you like Toodledo. It's definitely not as pretty as TeuxDeux but it does the job. Now I just have to work on actually tackling the list, I feel like every time I check something off, I add two more! Good luck!