Monday, September 19, 2011

Dearest Blythe,

Hope you had a great Fall weekend in NYC! It was pretty cloudy here all weekend, but nice and cool. We slept with the windows open which is devine after a summer falling asleep to the loud and often not-cool-enough window AC unit in our bedroom. Though the open windows reminded me that we live on a very noisy six-lane road.

With all this cool weather comes cool clothes and I've dived into the season. While we were in Orlando last weekend to celebrate my brother's return to the States we hit up some malls and outlets. What's a better way to celebrate America than shopping!

My Mom went to town for me and my sister-in-law and funded some pieces for our Fall wardrobes. Yes, Christmas came early this year and in the form of Anthropologie. The best kind of holiday! Here's what I got...

I think I could wear this every day.

You know I love stripes!

This Velvet brand dress is the best dress I've owned in a long time. It's like wearing pajamas.

Finally bit the bullet on high-waisted jeans!

I was hesitant about this, but it looks way better on a person than the hanger.

Love the small details on this dress. Very Katharine Hepburn.

Now the hard part begins. The switching of the closets. I don't know why I call it this, I don't have two closets. But I'll pull out the Fall/Winter clothes from under the bed and put away the summer dresses.

This year I am determined to not keep articles if I don't have anything to wear with it. I seem to have all these tops that I don't have bottoms for and vice-versa. I think that's why I stick to dresses to much, it's just so easy! When I wear pants to work, my co-worker gets worried about me... "Are you feeling okay? You have slacks on." 

What's on your list for Fall? What are the ladies in NYC wearing this year?



  1. I have that orange dress, and it is DIVINE. I have to stop myself from wearing it at least once a week.

    A word of caution though- you should hand wash. I put it in the washer on the gentle cycle (and hung to dry) and it started to pill a little. Went back to handwashing, and the pilling stopped.

  2. Great advice, thank you! I've already worn the dress twice and I've had it for 7 days. I think I might have to get another color.