Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Update


I LOVE the new table! It's gorge. I've been really obsessed with marble lately and I think this is a perfect fit in your living room. The whole room makes me so happy, it's soothing and interesting at the same time. My favorite elements? The sculpture to the left of the window (can you post a close up of that? It's so awesome!) and the plant to the right of the window. Is that weird? I love that plant. Is it easy to care for?

I'm so glad you liked the post on my career update. It was kind of cathartic to write, I've been on auto-pilot recently with two jobs and some babysitting sprinkled in. It was nice to sit down and realize... "Whoa. I did that!". Wild. I also got the sweetest emails from friends in response to the post... which I have been remiss to reply to yet. Eeeek!

In all of the changes going on in Deweese-land, my reading picks have seriously diverged. I typically read a mix of fiction and non-fiction, though I'll always be a fiction girl at heart. Recently thanks to Ms. Claps, I've developed a chick-lit habit! The two culprits are Washingtonienne by Jessica Cutler and Skipping a Beat by Sara Pekkanen. Neither are exactly Pulitzer worthy, but I'll tell you, I couldn't put them down! And both are based in DC which I always think is fun.

Washingtonienne is the novel based on a real-life scandal that rocked DC in 2004. I was mildly aware of the story when it was happening, but I don't remember much. As you remember I was trying to figure out how to live on $25k a year... but obviously didn't take the same path as Jessica... I just put the groceries on my credit card.  This novel is probably the raciest book I've ever read (which I realize doesn't say much). I was literally up all night blushing.

I was planning on uploading the 
Washingtonienne book cover here, 
but realized it might be too racy for work. 
I wouldn't want someone to 
walk past your desk and see it. Boobies! 
You're welcome.

Now that I've scratched my annual chick lit itch, I'm back to my norm and reading a book that Alan Bradley, author of my fave Flavia stories recommends: Still Life by Louise Penny. It's the first in a series of murder mysteries that take place in Quebec. So far I'm really enjoying it!

Ahhh, a nice, safe, work appropriate book cover!

Have a great weekend!

PS... do you think people might be on to us that babies aren't on the radar quite yet by our recent table purchases. We both seem to be in sharp-corner-mode instead!

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