Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update + Black Tie Optional Reveal!

Dear Deweese,

How was your weekend? I had a productive AND exciting weekend. Whoop! In terms of productive I finished editing the Florida pics (update Wednesday), stocked up at Fairway (my new obsession), and got a new passport (YIPPEE!).

In terms of excitement I saw Savage Beauty, the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET. It was incredible, gorgeous and haunting. You may have heard about the epic lines. I know that some people found the lines irritating, but call me an idealist, I think it's super cool.  The fact that so many people still find it important to see something in real life and not on a computer screen is inspiring to me. Its also so amazing that they are lining up to see an art exhibition in general.  Go museums.

So I waited for two hours (thank goodness for the Kindle*) and then finally got in. It was so, so worth it! Here are some don't-even-do-it-justice installation shots.

I liked that the exhibition was not traditionally biographical, but was an intimate look into McQueen's vision.  Oh and how is this for a quote on one object label I read:

"I want to empower women, I want people to be afraid of the women I dress." 
-Alexander McQueen, 1996. 

Whoa. Anyway, I could go on and on. I am so glad I got to see it. In other news, I finally, finally have some shots from the Black Tie Optional Wedding. Thank you SO MUCH to all who voted, it was really fun for me to reach out to you all and I felt so much more comfortable knowing that this look won the poll.  So, what do you think???

Those gorgeous ladies right there are some ridiculously incredible women that I've loved for over a decade now (and no, sorry, I won't be sharing the pics from when we met...just picture me with a lot of hemp).


*I've updated my Readin' page.  So sorry to be remiss with this, but actually after Naked I read Water for Elephants.  I'm sure I am the last person on earth to read it and the millionth person to say this... but it was so good! I couldn't put it down long enough to update the Readin' page! Now I'm reading Little Earthquakes just 'cuz its summer and its fun. 

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  1. you looked so black tie optional and gorgeous! bring on the vintage hemp shots! xo