Friday, August 5, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Two Weddings and a Rehearsal Dinner

This week's Phone-A-Friend continues the accessories theme. Rachel emailed us a few months ago about two weddings she had coming up, asking for some help adding accessories to the dresses she was already planning on wearing. We emailed her some suggestions before the weddings, but realized we never shared them on 75th + Sedgwick!

Rachel's Email to Us:

"I am going to two weddings in the Midwest this month. The good news is I already know what I'm wearing, the bad news is I need some major help with shoes/jewelry! I have included a layout of events below, my real concerns are the weddings and the rehearsal dinner for my cousin. Also, not sure where you fall on this issue but I really hate what I consider to be made up dress codes!"

Oh Rachel, we hear you! Sometimes the "dress codes" can be helpful, but sometimes they can just create more confusion! Deweese remembers first hearing the term "Country Club Casual" but at that point in her life, she had never even been to a country club! What does it all mean??

Here's the quick and dirty breakdown of the events:

Wedding #1: Milwaukee
Bride: Friend from college
Reception: Milwaukee Botanical Gardens
Dress Code: Cocktail Attire
Rachel's Dress: Boden Sassy Silk Dress

Wedding #2: Chicago
Bride: Cousin
Rehearsal Dinner: Green Acres Country Club (hehe)
Dress Code: Country Club Chic (no joke)
Rachel's Dress: See Boden dress from Wedding #1

Reception: At cousin's home
Dress Code: Black Tie
Rachel's Dress: Navy borrowed dress (The best kind!)

Main Questions:

For the Boden dress: Should I wear the same accessories to both Wedding #1 Reception and Wedding #2 Rehearsal Dinner?

For the Wedding #2 dress: How do I get the accessories right so that it's "Black Tie"?

Here's our email response:

Dear Rachel,
Basically that purple and red dress is delish and we're obsessed with Boden. Good call. We suggest putting a nude pump with it, gold skinny belt and some rad gold jewelry. We're both really into stacking bracelets right now, the more the better. For the rehearsal dinner, maybe you could change up the shoes to a fun metallic or leather wedge. Oh, and soft, romantic hair.

The navy dress is gorgeous too, so nice of your cousin to let you borrow it! Blythe shops her cousin Melissa's closet all the time! We grabbed a dress from J.Crew that looked similar for comparison. We suggest a bright-colored shoe, it's a wedding after all and they are oh so festive. Great bold dangly earrings would be awesome, especially if you do a high bun which is all the rage lately. Yellow would look great with navy and very summer-fresh, but also try aqua with coordinating jewelry.

Not sure what your price range is, so we just pulled options we like, there's so much out there that we're sure you can find similar items all over the place. You can find all of these items and more, including hair suggestions, on Deweese's pinterest under Wedding 1 and Wedding 2 (clever).

Hope you like it and take lots of pics!

And here are pics of Rachel at the weddings! FAB!

PS: The amazing Boden dress is on MAJA sale right now. $148 down to $59!

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  1. adorable outfit choices! though that just sent me off on a Boden binge - oops! happy friday - right?!