Friday, August 12, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Stephanie and Scott's Anniversary Getaway

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Today we're sharing an email we received from Deweese's lovely cousin Stephanie (of Scott and Stephanie!) regarding travel advice for her one year anniversary.  As we know, Deweese is off celebrating her one year anniversary RIGHT NOW, so we think this is a topic we can definitely handle! Here's Steph's email to us:

 Hello ladies!

I (or the husband and I) are in need of some advice.  We are quickly coming up on our one year wedding anniversary... I cannot believe it!  Time has flown by this year, and of course we want to do something special for the celebration of our first go around.  The constraints - first something relatively close by to the WMA area (2-3 hours... far enough to get away, but not far enough to waste a half day/day to get there).  Second - nothing overly expensive or off the wall.  And third (and perhaps most important), something relaxing and romantic.  We were initially thinking a nice B&B with some good scenery and wine tasting.   

Any ideas or suggestions?  Have you been to any good spots, or have friends who have been?  I've done searches, and it just seems like there are so many out there, and hard to tell what will really be worth booking.  

Any help for these hopeless romantics?

Love to you both!
Steph (& Scott)

To Steph and Scott we say: "AWWWW!" No, seriously.  We got this.  Check it out, yo:

First up, the B+D top pick: Charlottesville, VA (2 hours from DC):

Howdy, Blythe here to give you the lowdown.  I spent my 5 year dating anniversary with Nick (a long time ago!) in Charlotteseville, since we were living in DC at the time, and I fell in love it. More recently, I spent a weekend there just last summer for a dear friend's wedding. Oddly enough, on both trips I stayed at the Dinsmore House Inn, and I highly recommend it! In fact, we had such a good experience there the first time, we requested the EXACT SAME room for the second time: The Veranda Room. To us, the Veranda Room is the perfect mix of the charm of a bed and breakfast and the anonymity of an inn/hotel, because this room is in a building that's adjacent to the main house. It also has a private little porch for a pre-dinner glass of wine and has a fireplace!  The house is gorgeous and oh yeah, the breakfasts are TASTY.  Everyone will recommend Bodo's Bagels if you decide on Charlottesville, but since the breakfasts are free at Dinsmore and are more of the quiche/eggs benedict variety -- I don't think you're missing out too much if you just stay there! If you dont stay at the Dinsmore, I won't judge you! I have had lot of success with TripAdvisor and use it all the time, so here is a ranking of the Charlottesville Bed and Breakfasts.

So now that "where to stay" is out of the way, here's my list of "things to do":
  • Take a tour of Monticello.  Not so romantic, but the tour guides are brilliant and the tours are a modern take on TJ. I was super impressed.
  • Stroll through the Downtown Mall.  Great place for dinner! Maybe one of our Charlottesville-native readers can help us here with a recommendation?! Again, I would also suggest TripAdvisor or UrbanSpoon. Another trick I have is search "food blog + name of city" to find out what the locals like. In this case, this great blog came up!
  • Indulge in wine tasting around the Charlottesville area vineyards -- on your list! In fact, the Dinsmore has a wine tasting package.
  • Walk around UVA's campus... I think they invented the quad or something. Its very gorgeous.
  • Conquer Shenandoah's Skyline Drive on your way home. This is beautiful and romantic. Bring a picnic lunch!I think you two are hikers, so you could do some of that, too! 
If Charlottesville is not your thang, not to fret! There are many other mid-Atlantic getaways just a short car ride away from the metro area! Here are some other places at least one of us have visited over the years (or gotta be honest, have always wanted to visit):

If that's not enough, check out the latest Washingtonian! Also, we've got some in-the-know DC readers, so maybe they can help with even more ideas!!

Have a wonderful time! Let us know what you decide! Are you eating the top of your wedding cake?


PS: Just a little announcement that means a lot to us... Deweese's brother has made it back to the USofA after a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan.  If that's not something to celebrate this weekend, we don't know what is! WOO to the HOOOOOOO!

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  1. Thank you ladies! Scott and I are going to book our trip tonight. We'll keep you posted. Definitely some great ideas!