Monday, August 15, 2011

Paradise Found


I hope Scott and Stephanie enjoy their anniversary trip! Jeff and I just took a little trip of our own to celebrate our one-year anniversary (a few months late) and we had a fantastic time! Aunt Meg was too kind and offered us her condo on Longboat Key and it is total paradise. The change of scenery was lovely and as you know,  the Florida coast in August can be pretty empty which was just our speed. Obvi it was hot outside, but with that nice ocean breeze we were good to go. Meg's place is about 100 yards (maybe) from the pool and the ocean and she has a terrific lanai (patio) that looks right out on to the water. Done and done.

This is one of the few photos we took, since I forgot to pack the camera. But I think it really depicts what our trip was like. That little speck is me in a giant coral hat in the water, where you could find me most of the weekend (usually Jeff was with me too). The water was a nice 87 degrees and it was too nice to get out!

Back to reality,

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