Monday, August 22, 2011

"Oh, Back to School, Back to School..."

Dear Deweese,

Can't believe how much of a difference your new TV table makes. LOVE IT! And I'm also diggin' the side table... I feel like its a nice addition to what you've got in there and a creates a cool balance and contrast. Love, love, love.

D, I'm sad the weekend is over!  I had so much fun with my nephew...

Too cool.

We had a blast! Especially at the Statue of Liberty.  Did you know that a mere $13.00 ticket gets you a ferry ride to the island where Lady Liberty's located, which has tons of great parks with stellar Manhattan views, and access to the base of the statue (156 steps up?), oh! and not to mention another ferry ride and access into Ellis Island. I thought it was a great value and made for an entire day of fun in the sun.

My nephew told me school starts August 29th (seems so early!).  I was living vicariously through his excitement about new notebooks, finding out who his teacher is, and the overall freshness of a brand new school year. Back in the day I was all about this (I owned that Saturn-ish one) and this (yikes), but nowadays I am finding myself craving some more of my favorite pens and the brand new Moleskine I will buy for 2012.  Man, I am lame.

Are you ready for fall? I'm not 100% ready for summer to be over, but I have definitely started thinking about it, and of course pinning about it.


PS: How was The Help?
PPS: Check out Haven's Kitchen, a cooking school/supper club/lots of other things place opening up right near my office. I'm thinking of taking a class!
PPPS: Yes, the title of this blog post is a Billy Madison reference, that movie never gets old.


  1. can't decide what to comment on! that picture made me melt! did you want to mention that you had the saturn trapper keeper in high school? :) xo

  2. Stop looking at me, swan.

  3. Sandler at his best!

    Also, I hope that if I had that Trapper Keeper in high school it was some sort of "throw back" I was trying to pull off. Come to think of it, that is entirely possible.

  4. OMG he is so BIG!!! What a cutie.