Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Snack Alert

Hi Deweese,

I'm still smiling over our little last-minute get together! Seriously so fun to BE with you. So, D, I have a new snack alert. Have you had KIND Bars before? They are SO YUM! So far the Coconut/Almond one is my fave. I also love the packaging. Cute, huh?

So yes, these are seriously good.  And they are pretty good for you. Which is not always so easy to find for me to stick to.  I know its important to eat organically/locally/from the outer edges of the grocery store (read: produce) and so I try to do that more and more... well, for the most part.  But sometimes, usually when natural disasters are on their way to our home city, the complete opposite is a very welcome thing in our household:

Yes, yes, judge me, judge me. I could blame it on Nick, since he was the one that brought them home, but ummm, I totally indulged. And they were SO GOOD!



  1. We still have a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese, Snickers Ice Cream and some white cheddar popcorn left over from the hurricane. It was essential to survival.

  2. Um, yes please? If I had known that incredible combo of salty sweet was gonna be available in your apt, I would have traveled back to DC with D!