Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mahna Mahna


So glad to hear you had such a great weekend with your family. I had no idea the tour of Lady Liberty was such a deal!

Speaking of school days reminiscing, I'm so excited that The Green Album is coming out today from the new Muppets movie. This is really uncharacteristic for me because I tend not to like cartoons or animated movies (I know, I'm such a hater) and you would think muppets would fall into that category. But for some reason I'm pumped about this movie which comes out Nov 23. I think I'm a sucker for Kermit and Miss Piggy. I'm a romantic at heart. And one of the cartoons that I loved watching when I was a kid was Muppet Babies. Remember Nanny's striped stockings? Why could we only see her feet???

You can listen to the whole album here.

And you can watch the trailer for the movie here:

Mahna Mahna,

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  1. I had NO idea this movie was coming out - I am so so so excited! Thanks 75th & Sedgwick!