Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Three cheers for vacay. Hope you're rested and rejuvenated!

While you were gone a friend at work reminded me of ReadyMade, a print and online magazine that I love. They have great DIY tutorials that are crafty but not over-the-top crafty, like crocheted doilies. Turns out while I was searching for a guide to making roman shades, I discovered that ReadyMade has folded! Another one bites the dust! I'm hoping the archives will stay online because it's a great resource. In fact, Jeff's Mom and I are going to attempt the roman shades together!

In the mean time, I did come across another blog that I really like. Have you heard of Kirtsy? Apparently they just did a revamp and I'm really diggin' it. You can read more about Kirtsy here. I'm not saying it will fill the ReadyMade void, but it's something fun to look at on this rainy hump day!

Welcome home!


  1. We will be telling our kids....'when i was a little girl there were things called magazines. you flipped through the pages and tore them out if you liked something. then you kept them in labeled folders.' okay maybe that last bit is just me.

  2. So funny, Melissa. Jeff and I were working on framing these cool postage stamps last night and we were talking about how confused our kids are going to be about stamps.

  3. "Dad, you mean that there was a day when your phone was just. a. phone.?!"
    "Not only that, there was a time it was plugged into the wall."
    ::child faints::