Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear 75th + Sedgwick Friends,

As big fans of reality tv shows (okay, mostly Deweese) one of the things we often discuss is how weird it is that the one thing missing from most of these shows (Real Housewives for instance) is that the characters/real people never discuss that they are actually on a reality show and how much that has changed their lives. It's this big part of their reality and yet it is left out of their reality show.

So, in an effort to be transparent in our blogging reality, we have some exciting news! As bloggers, we were invited to a Meet + Greet with Emily Henderson in NYC last Thursday. EH sent a twitter call out to NYC bloggers, Blythe noticed it and responded and last week we found ourselves in a Chelsea bar meeting other bloggers AND Emily Henderson! It may sound silly, but to us it was a big deal!

At first we were really nervous, ordered some wine and stood there talking to just one another. Then, along came Emily and she was just as friendly and fabulous as she comes across on her show. We talked for about ten minutes which is about 9 minutes and 56 seconds longer than we've spoken to any other famous person (except for Blythe's chance elevator encounter with Anthony Bourdain). We also got to meet some other bloggers including Nat The Fat Rat, Little Green Notebook and My Crafty Home Life. Everyone was so nice and had great advice for we fledgling bloggers. They were like fairy blog-mothers.

Oh... and before we left we got gift bags with goodies. Score!

In all it was a great time because we got to meet Emily Henderson, our fave, other bloggers who have made it big-time and most importantly, we got to hang out and stay up late chatting on a random Thursday night in August.

Thanks to all of our readers (I think we're at about 5 now) for always checking in with 75th + Sedgwick and being so supportive of our blogging endeavor. We're not sure where it's going, but it would be nowhere with out all 5 of you.


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