Wednesday, August 31, 2011



I have to admit. I don't like Kind Bars. I'm glad you've found a snack you love but I think they're kinda gross, too gelatenous for me or something. Will agree with you on the packaging though, quite lovely. Jeff and I definitely stocked up on goodies for Irene and we were quite indulgent. Though I have to say, I haven't had Cheetos since Mojito-Cheetogate of 2005. It's a wonder Dukester still speaks to me!

On to more food-related items, but not really. I've been obsessed with these shoes from Urban Outfitters. In fact, I wore them at our wedding last year. They are the Kimchi Skimmer collection from UO. They are very inexpensive, not well made, come in a variety of colors and last about a season and a half, depending on how you wear them. I tend to wear them walking around town, so mine don't last as long. But I LOVE the shape of these little flats and am devoted to them as my "go-to cheap flats that I'll replace next year" shoes. I also like these lil skimmers because I wear them at work a lot where there are tons of concrete/marble floors that I mostly can't stand to clack around on in heels.

These are the exact pair I wore at my wedding!
And speaking of feetsies. I just started reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I'm at the foodbinding part and it's brutal. My toes were literaly curling on the Metro yesterday.

Here's the trailer for the movie adaptation:


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Snack Alert

Hi Deweese,

I'm still smiling over our little last-minute get together! Seriously so fun to BE with you. So, D, I have a new snack alert. Have you had KIND Bars before? They are SO YUM! So far the Coconut/Almond one is my fave. I also love the packaging. Cute, huh?

So yes, these are seriously good.  And they are pretty good for you. Which is not always so easy to find for me to stick to.  I know its important to eat organically/locally/from the outer edges of the grocery store (read: produce) and so I try to do that more and more... well, for the most part.  But sometimes, usually when natural disasters are on their way to our home city, the complete opposite is a very welcome thing in our household:

Yes, yes, judge me, judge me. I could blame it on Nick, since he was the one that brought them home, but ummm, I totally indulged. And they were SO GOOD!


Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear 75th + Sedgwick Friends,

As big fans of reality tv shows (okay, mostly Deweese) one of the things we often discuss is how weird it is that the one thing missing from most of these shows (Real Housewives for instance) is that the characters/real people never discuss that they are actually on a reality show and how much that has changed their lives. It's this big part of their reality and yet it is left out of their reality show.

So, in an effort to be transparent in our blogging reality, we have some exciting news! As bloggers, we were invited to a Meet + Greet with Emily Henderson in NYC last Thursday. EH sent a twitter call out to NYC bloggers, Blythe noticed it and responded and last week we found ourselves in a Chelsea bar meeting other bloggers AND Emily Henderson! It may sound silly, but to us it was a big deal!

At first we were really nervous, ordered some wine and stood there talking to just one another. Then, along came Emily and she was just as friendly and fabulous as she comes across on her show. We talked for about ten minutes which is about 9 minutes and 56 seconds longer than we've spoken to any other famous person (except for Blythe's chance elevator encounter with Anthony Bourdain). We also got to meet some other bloggers including Nat The Fat Rat, Little Green Notebook and My Crafty Home Life. Everyone was so nice and had great advice for we fledgling bloggers. They were like fairy blog-mothers.

Oh... and before we left we got gift bags with goodies. Score!

In all it was a great time because we got to meet Emily Henderson, our fave, other bloggers who have made it big-time and most importantly, we got to hang out and stay up late chatting on a random Thursday night in August.

Thanks to all of our readers (I think we're at about 5 now) for always checking in with 75th + Sedgwick and being so supportive of our blogging endeavor. We're not sure where it's going, but it would be nowhere with out all 5 of you.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Sorry we've been MIA! We've been busy meeting our absolute favorite designer, Emily Henderson!

Eeeeeek! More on this next week!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Classic Banana Bread

Hi Deweese,

Oh man, I loooooove Miss Piggy! And Kermit. So, so much. That preview looks awesome. I can't wait!

So I've got yet another reminiscing post for ya. Let's just call this "nostalgia days" at 75th + Sedgwick, shall we?  Check it out: this past weekend my mom sent me some of her delicious banana bread that I've been eating since before I can remember! Uh-huh...

The recipe comes from my Grandma. It's a unique yet basic in that there are no extras... no raisins, nuts, or chocolate chips. Nope, just banana bread. And I love it.  I was so happy and surprised to find out that Nick's mom makes her banana bread the same way! That's right, kindred spirits by way of banana bread.

Few other foods remind me so much of being at home. Growing up we usually ate it plain but every once in a while with peanut butter on top for lunch. YUM. After getting a taste this weekend, I was craving more and spotted some riper than ripe bananas in the bowl in the middle of my kitchen table....

Game on. And here's the simple, simple recipe in case you'd ever like to make it:

Grandma's Classic Banana Bread

  • 1/2 cup of butter
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups of flour 
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking power
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 or more ripe bananas 

1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees
2. Combine the first three ingredients in a large mixing bowl and beat until smooth. 
3. In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients. Then add this to the butter mixture and beat just until combined. 
4. Add bananas and vanilla and beat until combined. 
5. Bake one hour and enjoy! 

I think its a wonderful housewarming, bringing home baby, or just a "thinking of you" gift. Especially because it can be frozen and tastes just as great. Maybe a "you survived a scary earthquake" present?


PS:  For those of you that enjoyed the Lisa Frank reference on Monday, check this out. It might be revealing as to just how bizarre my sense of humor can be... but I find that hilarious.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mahna Mahna


So glad to hear you had such a great weekend with your family. I had no idea the tour of Lady Liberty was such a deal!

Speaking of school days reminiscing, I'm so excited that The Green Album is coming out today from the new Muppets movie. This is really uncharacteristic for me because I tend not to like cartoons or animated movies (I know, I'm such a hater) and you would think muppets would fall into that category. But for some reason I'm pumped about this movie which comes out Nov 23. I think I'm a sucker for Kermit and Miss Piggy. I'm a romantic at heart. And one of the cartoons that I loved watching when I was a kid was Muppet Babies. Remember Nanny's striped stockings? Why could we only see her feet???

You can listen to the whole album here.

And you can watch the trailer for the movie here:

Mahna Mahna,

Monday, August 22, 2011

"Oh, Back to School, Back to School..."

Dear Deweese,

Can't believe how much of a difference your new TV table makes. LOVE IT! And I'm also diggin' the side table... I feel like its a nice addition to what you've got in there and a creates a cool balance and contrast. Love, love, love.

D, I'm sad the weekend is over!  I had so much fun with my nephew...

Too cool.

We had a blast! Especially at the Statue of Liberty.  Did you know that a mere $13.00 ticket gets you a ferry ride to the island where Lady Liberty's located, which has tons of great parks with stellar Manhattan views, and access to the base of the statue (156 steps up?), oh! and not to mention another ferry ride and access into Ellis Island. I thought it was a great value and made for an entire day of fun in the sun.

My nephew told me school starts August 29th (seems so early!).  I was living vicariously through his excitement about new notebooks, finding out who his teacher is, and the overall freshness of a brand new school year. Back in the day I was all about this (I owned that Saturn-ish one) and this (yikes), but nowadays I am finding myself craving some more of my favorite pens and the brand new Moleskine I will buy for 2012.  Man, I am lame.

Are you ready for fall? I'm not 100% ready for summer to be over, but I have definitely started thinking about it, and of course pinning about it.


PS: How was The Help?
PPS: Check out Haven's Kitchen, a cooking school/supper club/lots of other things place opening up right near my office. I'm thinking of taking a class!
PPPS: Yes, the title of this blog post is a Billy Madison reference, that movie never gets old.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Table or Two... or Three.


You guys are going to have such a great time with Lil' J this weekend. I mean, you could be in the desert and have fun with him, but NYC. Awesome. I remember very clearly when we found out about his arrival in the Fall of 2003, sitting in our living room that looked like a circus tent. Memories.

I've been meaning to update you on some recent purchases for Casa Q. Remember how I mentioned we hadn't really bought anything new for our living room? We broke the seal a few weekends ago and went to the Dog Days event at 14th and U. A lot of the vintage shops along that corridor were chock-full of sales!

We bought two tables. One to replace the TV stand and one to sit in between our sofas.  Jeff is in an "Industrial" phase and I'm happy to oblige. We don't agree on everything decor related (Jeff has vetoed any and all animal print) but when we're on the same page, it's awesome.

So here's our TV stand BEFORE...

And AFTER...

Obviously I still need to "style" underneath the table to hide all the cords (TVs have SO many cords!) and prune the spider plant but I'm really pleased with where we're headed. That wall is so long, it feels nice to have something that fills the space a little more. Obvi I've been watching lots of Emily Henderson for styling inspiration.

Below is our new sofa table. It's iron also, a large square top and metal hairpin legs. Sorry the pics aren't so great. The lamp is new also. My mother kept complaining about the lighting in our living room, so I told her she was welcome to buy us a lamp... and it worked. Plus we already had a C&B gift card which helped with the cost, so we bought the Zak Table Lamp and I'm obsessed. It's huge and sophisticated and I could stare at it for hours.

AND, we found a temporary home for Martha. We weren't sure where to put her, and I was still trolling for a bar cart I liked, so we combined our problems to solve them both. What do you think?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello, Weekend? Can you get here already? Thanks.

Hi Deweese,

The nursery makes me wanna say "eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!" with excitement. I can't wait to snuggle up with lil' Thunder in that bright red rocker. Also, that canvas makes me wanna paint every quote I've every loved.

There's another thing I'm feeling all "eeeeeeeeeeek!" about.  THE WEEKEND. That's because the light of my life, my seven-year-old nephew, is coming to visit us! He's been to NYC just once before, for our wedding, but this trip will be very different and all about kiddo fun. We've got tickets to the Statue of Liberty and plan to hit up Dylan's Candy Bar and maybe the Central Park Zoo if the weather holds up (yay Polar Bears!).  Hope he's ready for a whole lotta fun...

c.2007 NYC Tourism Campaign Poster. Source.
I remember visiting NYC several times as a kid, and it definitely felt a lot like the picture above! But I still constantly wonder about what it would be like to be a kid in NYC now that I live here. This weekend I get a little glimpse. I think it's gonna be awesome. I've got a million and one things I want to do, and I know that we won't get to them all. But most of all, I seriously can't wait to give my nephew the biggest squeeze ever!

Sorry, I will go on a squealing break now that this post is over. Promise.


PS: The New York Magazine Fashion Issue covers (and inside stories) are making me so, so happy this week. Go pick up a copy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UPDATE! First Ever Phone-A-Friend: A Bright Nursery

Speaking of The Little Things, we got a nursery update from Emily yesterday! Emily was our First Ever Phone-A-Friend and asked us for help putting together the nursery for her baby girl. Emily's due date is just around the corner!

Here's Emily's email:

Hi Ladies!
Just wanted to say another big THANK YOU for the amazing nursery inspiration! We're just wrapping up the final touches now, so I thought I would send along photos of the (almost) finished product! You have have no idea how much I took your advice to heart, and how much of it went into the room; thank you! Also, just to explain the painting over the crib: we've been calling baby girl "Thunder" ever since we found out we were pregnant, so we thought this Kate Bush quote was apropos and painted it on a canvas. not sure if it works or not, but I love it!
Thanks again, ladies! You're awesome :-)

EMILY! You and Tom, did a fantastic job, totally nailed it! Who wouldn't want to sleep in this room! What a lucky lady Thunder already is! The portrait of the Queen and the quote are amazing and we're  dying over the chevron rug. Where did you get it? Can't wait to meet Thunder, sending lots of hugs your way in your last few weeks!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Little Things...

Dear Deweese,

It makes me so happy to hear that you had such a good time. As soon as I put my feet in that HOT Florida ocean water I just knew you'd like it. And 10 minutes later when I had to get out of the water because I was feeling too hot as if I was in a hot tub... I knew you'd love it!

So lately Nick and I have been moving at a snail's pace when it comes to the apartment.  We ordered a rug for under our "Eames" chair and had to return it because it was the wrong color.  Grr.  Also, I've been looking and looking for a round coffee table and having just no luck! This week, I'm leaning toward this one.  Yum, but a little pricey and wood, and I was looking for a color/pattern. Hmm.

So I think I'll focus on the little accomplishments. For example, I switched out the knobs on our china cabinet. You might remember that we had searched high and low for an antique cabinet and eventually found one from a big box store that worked for us.  But the knobs were so.... furniture store. I wanted to change it up but keep it elegant and not tooooo folksy/craftsy (since I have a tendency to go there).  No surprise, I found them at Anthropologie... aka the mecca of unique knobs. Check it out:

What do you think? I love how switching up the knobs and hardware make a piece of furniture completely one of a kind. Oh yeah, and we also got this little ugly dog from Urban Outfitters...and named him Lou. Just for a little weirdness and because we really miss the French bulldog that was our next door neighbor in our old apartment building...check him out:

So bad. So awesome.

Love ya,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Paradise Found


I hope Scott and Stephanie enjoy their anniversary trip! Jeff and I just took a little trip of our own to celebrate our one-year anniversary (a few months late) and we had a fantastic time! Aunt Meg was too kind and offered us her condo on Longboat Key and it is total paradise. The change of scenery was lovely and as you know,  the Florida coast in August can be pretty empty which was just our speed. Obvi it was hot outside, but with that nice ocean breeze we were good to go. Meg's place is about 100 yards (maybe) from the pool and the ocean and she has a terrific lanai (patio) that looks right out on to the water. Done and done.

This is one of the few photos we took, since I forgot to pack the camera. But I think it really depicts what our trip was like. That little speck is me in a giant coral hat in the water, where you could find me most of the weekend (usually Jeff was with me too). The water was a nice 87 degrees and it was too nice to get out!

Back to reality,

Friday, August 12, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Stephanie and Scott's Anniversary Getaway

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Today we're sharing an email we received from Deweese's lovely cousin Stephanie (of Scott and Stephanie!) regarding travel advice for her one year anniversary.  As we know, Deweese is off celebrating her one year anniversary RIGHT NOW, so we think this is a topic we can definitely handle! Here's Steph's email to us:

 Hello ladies!

I (or the husband and I) are in need of some advice.  We are quickly coming up on our one year wedding anniversary... I cannot believe it!  Time has flown by this year, and of course we want to do something special for the celebration of our first go around.  The constraints - first something relatively close by to the WMA area (2-3 hours... far enough to get away, but not far enough to waste a half day/day to get there).  Second - nothing overly expensive or off the wall.  And third (and perhaps most important), something relaxing and romantic.  We were initially thinking a nice B&B with some good scenery and wine tasting.   

Any ideas or suggestions?  Have you been to any good spots, or have friends who have been?  I've done searches, and it just seems like there are so many out there, and hard to tell what will really be worth booking.  

Any help for these hopeless romantics?

Love to you both!
Steph (& Scott)

To Steph and Scott we say: "AWWWW!" No, seriously.  We got this.  Check it out, yo:

First up, the B+D top pick: Charlottesville, VA (2 hours from DC):

Howdy, Blythe here to give you the lowdown.  I spent my 5 year dating anniversary with Nick (a long time ago!) in Charlotteseville, since we were living in DC at the time, and I fell in love it. More recently, I spent a weekend there just last summer for a dear friend's wedding. Oddly enough, on both trips I stayed at the Dinsmore House Inn, and I highly recommend it! In fact, we had such a good experience there the first time, we requested the EXACT SAME room for the second time: The Veranda Room. To us, the Veranda Room is the perfect mix of the charm of a bed and breakfast and the anonymity of an inn/hotel, because this room is in a building that's adjacent to the main house. It also has a private little porch for a pre-dinner glass of wine and has a fireplace!  The house is gorgeous and oh yeah, the breakfasts are TASTY.  Everyone will recommend Bodo's Bagels if you decide on Charlottesville, but since the breakfasts are free at Dinsmore and are more of the quiche/eggs benedict variety -- I don't think you're missing out too much if you just stay there! If you dont stay at the Dinsmore, I won't judge you! I have had lot of success with TripAdvisor and use it all the time, so here is a ranking of the Charlottesville Bed and Breakfasts.

So now that "where to stay" is out of the way, here's my list of "things to do":
  • Take a tour of Monticello.  Not so romantic, but the tour guides are brilliant and the tours are a modern take on TJ. I was super impressed.
  • Stroll through the Downtown Mall.  Great place for dinner! Maybe one of our Charlottesville-native readers can help us here with a recommendation?! Again, I would also suggest TripAdvisor or UrbanSpoon. Another trick I have is search "food blog + name of city" to find out what the locals like. In this case, this great blog came up!
  • Indulge in wine tasting around the Charlottesville area vineyards -- on your list! In fact, the Dinsmore has a wine tasting package.
  • Walk around UVA's campus... I think they invented the quad or something. Its very gorgeous.
  • Conquer Shenandoah's Skyline Drive on your way home. This is beautiful and romantic. Bring a picnic lunch!I think you two are hikers, so you could do some of that, too! 
If Charlottesville is not your thang, not to fret! There are many other mid-Atlantic getaways just a short car ride away from the metro area! Here are some other places at least one of us have visited over the years (or gotta be honest, have always wanted to visit):

If that's not enough, check out the latest Washingtonian! Also, we've got some in-the-know DC readers, so maybe they can help with even more ideas!!

Have a wonderful time! Let us know what you decide! Are you eating the top of your wedding cake?


PS: Just a little announcement that means a lot to us... Deweese's brother has made it back to the USofA after a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan.  If that's not something to celebrate this weekend, we don't know what is! WOO to the HOOOOOOO!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Help


Your photos continue to be amazing. It looks like such a good time.  I just packed this morning for our trip to Florida this weekend (belated anniversary trip) and forgot the camera. Awesome. Maybe we'll get a disposable camera and take grainy photos that we can pass off as "retro"?

I've been dabbling in a few books lately, and until recently hadn't been able to settle on one. I put down The Pillars of the Earth and Guns, Germs, and Steel. I just couldn't get into them. GGG is really fascinating, but it reads like a text book, so I was rarely able to read more than a few pages before falling asleep... even on the Metro. So for the beach this weekend, I've brought two books with me that are... quite different. I'm reading Black Hawk Down which has been recommended to me by several people and is timely in a lot of ways right now and I'm re-reading The Help. I LOVED The Help when I read it the first time, am anxious to see the movie, and decided to pick it up again which is something I almost never do. Which reminds me, I need to email DH about making a date to see the movie!

There has been some controversy about The Help that I definitely think should be noted. But I REALLY enjoyed the book and am enjoying it the second time around too. If you haven't read it already, pick it up immediately.

Have a great weekend!