Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who shot J.R.?


Funny story. A good family friend of the Qs is a roller-derbier in Boston. Her derby name is appropriately, Slam Chowdah. She had just made the team and was super psyched when Jeff and I were sending out wedding invitations so we decided to address hers with her roller derby name.

Turns out we got in a tif with our calligrapher because she refused to address the envelopes like we wanted them. She told us that she couldn't in good conscious address a woman as Ms. Jane Doe instead of Mrs. John Doe. Needless to say it was all quite ridiculous but I found it totally hysterical that said calligrapher had no problem using our friend's roller derby name. Just picture chartreuse envelopes with white swirly calligraphy spelling out Mrs. Slam Chowdah. Amazing. (She's a Ms. btw)

I gotta keep it quick, but I wanted to share this fantastic news in case you haven't heard already: Dallas is coming back to TV.

I've never actually seen the original Dallas before but it seems like it would be right up my alley. A prime-time soap about a dramatic wealthy family in the south. Check. Lucklily the new season doesn't start until next summer, so I have plenty of time to catch up on the 14 original seasons from netflix (if netflix is still in business after they shattered everyone's lives yesterday).

In other news, I'm so bummed that Posh and Becks named their baby girl Harper. It was a little-known fact that I have dreamed of naming my own daughter (oh wait, I don't have a daughter) Harper after Harper Lee. I mean, I had a dog named Scout and a cat named Atticus... In recent years the name has become more popular and I have backed off from it a bit, but now!? Would it be like naming my daughter Shiloh or Apple? Oye. Kelly and Doogie have daughters named Harper too.


 PS... Jeff and I are going to see Wicked tonight, a gift from the Qs for our anniversary. Yay!

PPS... I get to see Lil' Miss this weekend! And Dukester and Sarge and Fenway and Beckett too!

I mean honestly. Have you ever seen so much sugar on one adirondack chair? This picture is my current desktop background at work and gets me through the day. We'll miss you!

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