Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ugly House?


Love the outfit. I think it will be perfect for a black tie optional wedding. I totally see what Melis is saying about work attire but as long as you dress it up enough that you don't feel like your at work, go for it. And as Jeff so aptly put it while he was doing the dishes last night: "It's not like anyone from work is going to be there." So true Jeff, so true.

Speaking of dressing something up... would you EVER buy this house? No? I wouldn't either, until I read the accompanying article.

The article is great, but you can see some really amazing photos and a home tour on her blog here.

I LOVE Lauren's taste and am beyond impressed with how she transformed this space. I would not have had the courage to take that house on. But now maybe I'll be a little more inspired to dig deep for the beauty in a seemingly charm-baren place.

So.... would you buy that house now???


PS... I added some new yumminess to our Diggin' page. Check it out! If you want to see the whole collection, click here.

PPS... I put The Pillars of the Earth down. I just couldn't get into it. Everyone told me to keep reading, but suffering through a book is not my style, so it's back on the shelf for now. I did just finish War by Sebastian Junger which is a fascinating read (especially because my brother is deployed in Afghanistan right now) and I recommend it. Really eye-opening. Now I'm on to Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. I don't usually do two non-fiction books in a row, so we'll see how it goes. I'm not gonna lie, I find carbon-dating totally confusing.


  1. oh man, I love that Jeff Quigly. so true jeff...

  2. Um, I want to move into that house. Now.

  3. I'm obsessed. My parents have a really good eye like this, seeing good bones in a hideous place. Someday I will learn!