Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roller Derby: Brooklyn vs. DC

Hey Deweese,

Yay! Your apt. How I miss it so.  I know that you think it is in need of some redecoration, and don't get me wrong, I'm psyched to see what you do, but I love the colors and brightness and happiness in your living room. So, so much. And you know how I feel about that rug. Pure amazingness.

So, I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you or not, but I went to see my VERY FIRST roller derby game on Saturday night. I loved it,  and I kinda want to join a roller derby league now. But I also want to become a ballerina every time I go to the ballet and a Broadway singer every time I see a play. So yeah, I'm not getting too worked up about it.  But, really, it looks like so much fun!

Let me backup. Emily and her husband invited me and Nick to go to the game and I was really excited. The most knowledge I had of the sport came from this movie, which I recommend to anyone who is in a non-cinephile/non-judgmental mood:

It was very fitting that this particular game was the first one I attend considering it was the Brooklyn Bombshells vs. the DC All-Stars! I decided to root for DC, since even though I'm currently geographically closer, I have never lived in Brooklyn. But um, DC lost big time.Whoops! All I can is, those Brooklyn women can roller derby. But even more impressive was the second game of the evening, which we stayed for, the Queens of Pain vs. the Philly Heavy Metal Hookers. Yup, you read that right. Here are some pics of Brooklyn vs. DC:

Here's my recap (apologies to those know all about roller derby, this is all super obvious I imagine!):
  • Nicknames/player names could be the most important thing about this game. Almost all of them are made up of a hilarious play on words. They definitely set the tone for the overall culture of the sport.  Ellen Page's nickname is "Babe Ruthless" in the movie above, and some of my favorites from Saturday night were, well, too risque to mention. Check out Brooklyn's whole roster here. Even the ref's and medics (yes, medics, this is ROUGH, Deweese!), have nicknames. (think "Refsputin" and "Andy Biotic") HA.
  • Roller derby is crazy popular. Hunter College was packed! And with tickets at $20 a pop, I was really impressed.
  • It is a really rough sport and takes a ton of athletic ability. I was so impressed with their skating skills and the fast paced nature of this game.  Talk about an awesomely fulfilling workout. The general concept of the game is easy to figure out so within 5 minutes you are SCREAMING for your team and the "lead jammer".
  • The players are having a blast, the refs are having a blast, the coaches, the fans, the cheerleaders, and the drag queens are having a blast. I want to go again. ASAP. 

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  1. I was dying to know how this was - thanks for sharing! I think I'd love it for the alter egos alone...