Monday, July 25, 2011

Nature Hour

Hi Deweese,

How was your weekend? I hope that all of your pool visits kept you cool and refreshed. First and foremost, the wedding was a blast. Beautiful, happy and very romantic couple, incredible food and setting, and all around excellent times with some of my favorite people walking the planet. A pic of me in "the outfit" is coming soon!

So, I realize this might seem a bit "off topic" for the blog, but I just had to share. The other weekend Nick I were eating dinner in Central Park when I heard a weird bird noise... like "squwaaaah! squwaaaah"! It was louder and weirder than normal Central Park bird noises. I looked to my left and see a bunch of people gathering around a big tree.  That's all it took for Nick to grab his camera and run over. What he found were some VERY large, very not-concerned-with-humans hawks. Since we are both Pale Male fans, this was exciting! There were 2-3 hawks just doin' their thing!  Spectulation was that there was a baby hawk that couldn't fly back up to the nest and was calling for it's mother. I am no bird expert and could easily confuse my cockatoos with my parakeets, so I am not even going to try and analyze what was going on. I'm just gonna show you some cool pics of hawks:

Awesome, right?

Anyway, speaking of cockatoos, you gotta watch Snowball rock out. And yes, I referenced cockatoos on purpose in order to bring up Snowball. What? If you like what you see, here's more.

Ok, this concludes nature hour here at 75th + Sedgwick.  Hope you enjoyed the program!


PS: Just want to say RIP to a great singer. Back to Black, especially, is a beautifully sad song that I really love, so just wanted to pay respect!
Credit: Byan Adams, Source: Haper's Bazaar


  1. I love nature hour here on 75th and Sedgewick. I think it should be a weekly deal. If you keep it up you may get your own segment/pilot on cable. I can picture it now, Nick and you would be such good hosts. I want to see it done. As for amy, I always thought her name was WHITE-house, r.i.p. Expect a care package in the next few days once I get the chance to send it out. Much love from the 401...Cousin Pat.

  2. More nature hour you say?? Hmmm, noted, cousin. Also, muchas gracias for this comment! I thought you only spoke in twitter, so I like this a lot! Care package?! Whoop!

    Thank you so much for reading the blog!

    Love ya!