Thursday, July 7, 2011

LittleCollector On Gilt Groupe Today!


Those ideas are awesome! Promise me that once we have yards and/or garages that we will spray paint folding chairs together. I'm obsessed. And I'm with you, RealSimple definitely gives me the "REALLY?!" feeling every once in a while.

On to other obsessions. Yesterday Melissa (my cousin/life guru) informed me that her good friend's company, LittleCollector, is having a sale on the daily sale site Gilt Groupe starting today.  This is amazing news! First of all, I've been very excited about this company so I'm thrilled that they are featured on a popular daily sale website.  Second, I'm personally really jazzed about the sale itself!  But before I get ahead of myself, let me share some info on LittleCollector (the following taken from the Gilt website):

"As an art adviser and independent curator, Chrissy Crawford was accustomed to clients and friends asking her to find art for their children's rooms. When Crawford had a hard time finding a store or gallery with unique, affordable pieces, she decided to start her own. LittleCollector is a virtual gallery committed to inspiring the next generations of art lovers with contemporary, limited-edition art that looks just as stylish in the living room as it does in your toddler's bedroom. Each art print is made to last—printed to museum-quality standards, using archival pigments and acid-free paper—and comes ready to hang, framed and complete with a hanger and nail, as well as an authenticity card containing the artist's signature and the edition number mounted on the back."

Art. Little ones. Affordability.  Does it get any better?  And the blurb above is exactly right... you definitely don't have to be a kiddo to appreciate these works:
Cynthia Rowley, Elephant
I'd take any of those! All are available in various sizes and with the option to frame on the LittleCollector website.

Melissa's baby boy has this one over his crib and it is just one of the reasons why I think he's the coolest baby in NYC:
Matthew Carden, Mercury
If you don't feel like signing up for Gilt Groupe (which I totally get since I'm super overwhelmed by sale emails right now) just buy directly from the LittleCollector site!  I think that one of the most meaningful gifts you could give a child is the start to his/her lifelong art collection. I mean, really. It beats PillowPets any day.



  1. Thanks for posting Matthew's pic!! Yes it is better than a Pillow Pet but don't tell my daughter that!!