Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living with our Living Room


I'm obsessed with the changes you've made. I really like the new layout and the curtains and blinds are dynamite. And you know I love those plants!

After your note yesterday I realized that I haven't shown you any updates from our own living room. Mainly, because there haven't been any. I'm desparate to redecorate. So I thought I would show you where we are now, so that we can track the progress.

By the way, I feel like I'm walking outside naked by posting photos of my living room on the world wide web for all to judge, but alas, here it is....

I'll follow up later with all of my ideas for this room. I'm still narrowing them down. This poor room really hasn't changed much since we moved in in 2007. That baby-boy-blue color on the walls KILLS me. I think it's a nice color, but it just feels so dated to me.

A quick tour of the room. The tall Billy bookcase from Ikea in the corner is from the 2003 apartment that we shared with Dukester. How it is still standing is beyond me. I've never had anything from Ikea last 8 years. Yes, that was 8 years ago. The rug is a hand-me-down from my parents and is one of my favorite posessions. It's getting really worn and I'd love to have it repaired. It has a marking on the corner that says "Madrid 1933". Amazing. The coffee table is a pre-Deweese piece that Jeff got from his parents. His Papou made it with two matching side tables. The white chair by the television is from Craig's List. The white cabinet that the television is on was found on the side of the road by Jeff's Mom and she painted it for us. (What's playin' on the TV? The Pandora Florence and the Machine Channel, I totally recommend).

What you can't see because my camera doesn't take great indoor photos is the fourth wall of the room which is all windows. We are lucky and get a ton of light.

Basically the only things that were actually purchased since we moved in were the sofas, the television, the white chair and the Orimono pillow.  The rest we just did the best we could with what we had. You can see why I'm anxious to re-decorate, I want to breath some fresh life into our main room and make it a little more 2011 Deweese and Jeff.

Needless to say, I'm super jelly of your living room and your gorgeous photos. Before I post my own ideas, do you have any thoughts for this room. I'm open to anything.

Desperate to decorate,

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