Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Tie Optional

Hey D,

I CANT STAND IT! Those adorable blue eyes are telling me... I need to get myself a hug from lil' miss ASAP. Also, love, love, love the table.  Can't wait to see how the refinishing goes!

So this weekend I'm headed to a wedding in Boston!! Whoop! I can't wait to watch a dear old friend (and high school field hockey teammate) marry a great guy (and of course dance the night away with my girls from high school)! But I need help with my outfit. Shopping funds are a little tight right now, so I am trying to "work my closet". The wedding is "black tie optional". I have two long black dresses that I do love, but its gonna be 89 degrees this weekend and I just don't know if I can do it.  So I spent a little time this weekend in the old wardrobe and this is what I am came up with:

The dress is actually gray (looks kinda navy on my screen), made of silk, and is a little shiny, which I think helps. I feel that "black tie" is more about the material than the length... especially in the summer. The problem is, the dress is one that I frequently wear to work (with a cardigan and flats) and that I recently wore to a baby shower. Eh, so yeah.  I don't know if its "nighttime/urban/black tie optional wedding" enough to me. Also, not sure which clutch I'll go with, so I put both there. I've got simple geometric earrings there to balance out the flowers on the dress, and lots of bracelets as usual. I'll last about 5 minutes in those shoes, but whatever.

Having attended my fair share of weddings I have my own ideas, but for a second opinion I looked up "black tie optional" on theknot.com. Here's what it says:

"A tuxedo isn't required, but the wedding is formal enough for one to be appropriate. Go with a dark suit if it's a nighttime wedding, regardless.
Him: If not a tuxedo, a dark suit and tie.
Her: A long dress, a really dressy suit, or something cocktail-length (but still formal). Glamorous makeup and dramatic jewelry and hair are appropriate " 

I would agree with this -- what about you? I love me some dramatic jewelry, and I was definitely thinking of wearing my hair up (remember, 89 degrees)... maybe a soft bun like this. I think that it will work with the neckline. Anyways, what do you think? No, seriously, I'd like to ask all of you directly, so if you don't mind, please vote (don't worry individual votes are completely anonymous!): 

Is this outfit appropriate for a "black tie optional" wedding this weekend in Boston?

Weeeeeee! This is like having you all over for a fashion show! Thank you so much, everyone!



  1. I'd say go with the outfit-- do it up with makeup and hair and accessories. I'd just maybe be prepared to feel a leeeeetle underdressed, and be ok with it :). Just in case. That way you'll be in an ok head space if you walk in and everyone's floor length.

    It's gonna be HOT. Remember words of wisdom from an old friend and slow your roll :)

  2. If you didn't tell us that you wear said dress to work I would have voted differently.....but work and black tie just don't mix (then again I work in an industry where jeans and a button down are dressed up).

  3. A survey - how fun! I like the teal purse and think you're golden with elegant hair and make up. Boogie on... xo

  4. I went to a Black Tie wedding, no optional and most women wore cocktail length, but dressy material dresses. Even the bridesmaids were in cocktail length! For me, black tie optional is more about the Men than the woman. I don't think anyone expects long gowns anymore, even for black tie, and since this is optional, I think you'll look amazing~

  5. Thank you all! This is great advice and I'm taking notes: move slowly in the heat (I still think of you on hot days, AC), don't mention to anyone at the wedding that I wear the dress to work :), and that short dresses are so OK nowadays for black tie! Whooop! Love it!