Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tift Merritt in Madison Square Park

Hi Deweese!

Love me some Ms. Cline, thanks for sharing! I can't believe they sold the bookcase and yet kept it posted! Whaaa? Craigslist can be SO annoying. It really is a beautiful bookcase, such a good find, but I bet you'll find another one you like even more (and btw, its always on my mind during my daily Housing Works browse). The barrister will be yours. I know it!

In terms of that sofa, heartache is right! Its so beautiful that Abbey Goes Design Scouting even uses it as her blogger header! I really want to check out that Room and Board showroom next time I'm DC. It looks like heaven.

Speaking of heartbreak, lately the rain has been really letting me down. First you and I had to cancel our grand picnic, then the Tift Merritt outdoor concert that I've been SO looking forward to was almost rained out last night!   It POURED but she was actually able to start just 20 minutes late or so once it basically cleared up.  I'm so glad we (Nick and Caroline) stayed! It was a great concert and we had excellent seats, er, blanket space! We just ignored the puddles and listened...

New Yorkers can catch free concerts in Madison Square Park every Wednesday night this summer. I hope to attend more! If Shake Shack isn't your thing (and if not, I want to know who you are, cause that's weird), Hill Country BBQ has a couple of booths set up during the events (Nick's favorite!).  Personally, I popped into Eataly (NYC's own Italy-only Epcot Center!) for for some simple snacks (a baguette, cheese and chocolate)! Not so healthy, but delicious!

Fingers crossed for sunnier days and home decor luck ahead!


PS: The prices at the flea were good! I completely forgot, I was going to share that the fan was $15, the shelf was $20 and the little succulent was $5. Its nice and refreshing after pricier (but gorgeous) Hudson.

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