Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Lori's Shades


It's time for our next installment of Phone-A-Friend!  Lori is Blythe's long time friend (16 years and counting) and is someone both of us look to for advice! So when she wrote to us regarding sunglasses, our first thought was to call Lori for help. Oops. That isn't going to work! Anyway, here's her cute email:


My pressing issue is... SUNGLASSES. Here's the deal... as a lady with sensitive eyes and a love for accessories - I constantly stress about/purchase cheap shades.

Here are my issues:
1) I can never choose just ONE pair to go with my wardrobe and I literally almost always wear a pair (even in a full overcast/light mist day) because I'm a squinter and am obsessed with the increasing wrinkles in my life. So if I were to commit to a pair - do I go gold rims? black? brown? fun? trendy? How does one choose? and stick to the choice?

2) I always go cheap with shades because I am cheap, plus I tend to sit on/stuff in my purse/drop/etc. pairs and they break and scratch them. Also - if you never spend a lot you never feel bad about buying another $5 pair to add variety... Plus I feel like an expensive pair is like a couch and you've made this giant investment and can never change them (or at least not for years). Side note: I once spent $50 on a pair and loved them, so much so I dove into a lake with them on and they were lost forever.... so I remain gun shy.

3) I'm increasingly concerned about my eyes and protecting them as I age (gasp!). I've read a few articles about the importance of getting UV protectant shades and polarization (both of which add mucho cost from what I've seen). So I'm feeling like it might be time to grow up or at least act like it and get a nice/safe pair or two and get hard cases and care for them and be legit.

4)  I can never use those "find the right shades for your face shape magazine articles" because I don't know what my face shape is... am I the only one? So instead I like to drag people around with me and give me the ok (aka someone whose style I trust - you two!)



To our blue-eyed beauty L-Love we say: GO BIG OR GO HOME! Our vote is to get one really nice fancy pair and then to get a couple of cheap, trendy pairs to wear this summer and jump into the lake with.  The fact is, you are 100% responsible enough to own a pricey pair! Blythe's eye doctor told her that a good pair of sunglasses is as important as a good pair of eyeglasses. Yikes. Under this game plan, here are our pics:

1. Via Ray-Ban, 2. Via Sunglass Hut, 3. Via Tom's

Right this second its all about over-sized cat eye, and circular sunglasses. We love both, but for the pricey pair, better to think classic, right? Classic in our book means: Aviators, Wayfarer or Prada Bug/Jackie O/Audrey. Ray-Ban is the way to go if you want Aviators, there is no denying it. But what about Tom's for Wayfarers? It might ease the pain of the cost to know that they are donating a pair when you purchase yours.  Ok, so on to the next...

Top Image Via Shots From the Bell Tower (Thanks, JG!),  1. Via Nordstrom, 2. Via Urban Outfitters, 3. Via Nordstrom

All of these pairs are $10.00 and the Nordstrom's have 100% UV protection. There are a gazillion. different. places. to find cheap pairs out there, but we have been shopping in the Nordstrom juniors department for accessories for YEARS! We highly recommend it.

We think those coral ones would look so awesome with your freckles and think really any shape would look great on you!  But we've heard that a good way to determine your face shape is to print a picture of yourself where you are looking straight at the camera.  Then take a marker and make a thick line around your face to determine the overall shape. You could also do this in a mirror with a dry erase marker if you are feeling extra quirky! Once you've got your face shape identified, check out what kind of sunglasses to buy here!

Hope this helps!

PS: In related news and for more ideas...  Deweese recently took the sunglasses plunge!  Check 'em out! She got these in "amber/orange stripe" (purple pair for you, Lori?) and these in "havana"!


  1. You two have made my day! I love all of your selections and I totally am running to the bathroom with a dry erase ASAP! You are so right, for the safety of my eyes (I knew I'd heard that somewhere, maybe it was you Blythe!) and because I'd like to think I'm mature and responsible enough it's time to take the plunge.
    I'm starting to believe there are no coincidences, but how's this for one: I was just looking at those EXACT Toms glasses that you picked for me! I'm going take that as a sign and make that my initial plunge, they're classic, it's for a good cause, I loved their virtual try-on feature on the website AND just had an amazing Toms customer service experience, so if that's not a sign then I don't know what is! I'll let you know how they look and for $10 I'm not sure I can resist that coral pair either... Off to shop... THANK YOU! xoxox L-Love