Monday, June 20, 2011

Phone-a-Friend: Lizard's Closet Makeover

Liz (aka Lizard), one of Deweese's besties from home emailed us recently for advice on organizing her closet. Oh Lizard, we hear you! Closets can be the bain of any small apartment's existence. And when the closet is messy, it bleeds out into the apartment and the clutter can be consuming.

Here's Liz's note:

Dynamic Design Duo,

I am in need of your help!  If I walk in my closet one more time, my heart may sink to my feet.  Since my apt is fairly small, I am using the closet for storage, as a dressing room, but also probably as an office.  I've attached the images so you can see the basic layout (although the images prob suck as I have no idea where my camera went... probably under a load of clothes in the closet).  I THOUGHT I had streamlined my collections before I moved again.  The 4 car loads to Goodwill told me so.  I'm thinking I could use another good, hearty spring streamline though.  What do you both think?  Did either of you see the closet make-overs in the latest Real Simple?  I loved the red and grey scheme from the first make-over that was for a single gal in a mini apartment like myself.  I'm at a loss. HELP!


And here are the photos:

And this is the aforementioned inspiration from Real Simple:

There are tons of places online that will tell you how to organize your closet. Real Simple has a great list of 35 Ways to Make Over Your Closets. But sometimes lists like these can be overwhelming to us. Let's be honest, our closets are never gonna be featured in a magazine. We just need them to be functional and organized in a way that it's easy to keep them organized. So we've broken down our own list of things that help the chaos stay a little more organized.

The first part of every major closet overhaul for us is PURGE, PURGE, PURGE. As Oprah has told us many times, if you haven't worn it or used it in 6 months (exceptions for heirlooms) get rid of it. You're not gonna use it and it's adding not value to your life, especially sitting in the closet. Watching an episode of Hoarders is a good way to start this process, cause girl, that sh*t is crayzay. After the purge, here are some other tips:

#1: Separate your clothes by category (work, weekend, formal). This allows you to enter your closet knowing what area to look in depending on what you're getting dressed for... and therefore touch the least amount of items (aka cause the least amount of disruption to the organization).

#2: Always put away your out-of-season clothes, even if you have space for them in your closet. No sense in wading through wool sweaters in July. We like those flat containers that fit under the bed. Or, try our favorite Space Bags.

#3: Get good hangers, we like these cheap wood hangers from Ikea. It may seem silly, but it makes the closet FEEL more organized and streamlined.

#4: Color code! Not only is it lovely, but it's easier to find things.

#5: Instead of having your shoes on the floor on a rack, try getting an over-the-door organizer so they are all in front of you, and you don't have to dig around on the floor.

#6: Get some hanging shelves. It's tempting to stack folded items on the top shelf, but it's easy for them to get discombobulated and messy. If your folded items have a place that is easily within reach, they will stay more organized.

#7: Containers! Clear containers are great because you can see what's inside, or you can buy fun colors and label them ala Deweese's pantry.

#8. The loose ends. Belts, bags and scarves are so hard to keep track of in a closet. Having a designated space for accessories can help you find those outfit-making pieces in no time. Deweese and our friend Lori organize purses on a hat stand/coat rack which is a great and pretty way to see everything at once.

via: Ikea, Container Store, Martha

Good luck, Lizard, hope this was helpful~  Can't wait to see the results! Be sure to send updated pics!



  1. These hangers are amazing!

    I was skeptical but they really do save lots of space in my closet. They sell versions of them at Target as well.

  2. thank you. This typr of hanger can make lots of space in our room