Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living Room To-Dos

Hi Deweese,

Love the easy summer dresses. We are so lucky that we can wear dresses all summer. Do you ever look at Jeff on humid days and feel sad about how many articles of clothing men have to wear to work in order to achieve business casual?

Anyway, so, yes, we are back from vaca. Can't we just go back to lazy days at the beach? What about our daily happy hours on the deck?

Sigh. Thank goodness for blogs and a TiVo full of Modern Family, Secrets From A Stylist, CBS Sunday Morning and Fashion Police (what can I say? I don't make a lot of sense when it comes to my TV choices!).

Something to get me up and out of these post-vacation blues is that I am hosting a baby shower at my apartment in just three short weeks! Also, there's been some apartment stuff hanging over my head and IMHO (in my humble opinion) I feel there is no better way to get stuff done than to put a party hosting gig on the calendar.

So, here's a pic of what the living room looks like right this instant:

I didn't even turn off the TV. No staging here!

And here's what I hope to achieve in 3 weeks:
  • Plants. The room is beggin' for them. I need help, though! How do I keep house plants alive?!
  • Curtains. I just ordered these. Now that my friend, is a good deal on curtains. Still working on the curtain rod, though.
  • Blinds. I want to switch out those lovely apartment standards for something warmer and more polished.
  • Artwork hung on either side of window (at least). I need the aforementioned curtains hung first to see what kind of wall space I'm workin' with.
  • Rug in the Eames/desk area. This is a bonus item, as I am not sure if budget will allow. It definitely needs to happen at some point, but maybe just not before the big event.
Not too many to-dos, right? I feel this is quite doable, but I'll keep you posted!


PS: I can't wait for your arrival this weekend! Such a treat to have you and Jeff in NYC!

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