Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Almost Long Weekend!


Lovin' those shades, and that pup! Lori... keep us posted, I want pics!

To be perfectly honest... I got nothing. Totally uninspired on this fine Thursday morning. Below is what has piqued my interest of late, though. Hope you enjoy too...

Have you seen these new bobby pins? I first saw them at Lizard's place on Saturday in Louisville and then was reminded about them by WhoWhatWear yesterday. They look so cool and now that my hair is getting a little longer maybe I can use them! Am I super late to the game on this one?

Check out this featurette about the new Transformers movie. The movie doesn't appeal to me, but this little video is awesome. Makes my palms sweat. We saw these base jumpers on 60 Minutes a few months ago. Wicked.


The Louisville Zoo has a new polar bear cub! She's an orphan from Alaska. What a cutie! Oh, and she has a twitter account. Obvi.

Did you see this redhead on Cuppa?  Did you ever end up going for the red lip look? I don't know why she even bothered to ask about tan vs. fair. We've known the answer to that question for a looooong time!
Garance Dore
Last night, after Jeff made this delicious meal (slow-roasted pork, spinach and sweet potatoes) which had lots of veggies, was simple and SUPER delish...

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...we happened to catch the season premier of Royal Pains. Man, I love this show. It's perfect and light for summer when my TiVo is empty except for screaming women from New Jersey. You can catch the first episode here.

That's all I got. Literally. Happy almost weekend!


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