Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Ever Phone-A-Friend: A Bright Nursery

Hello, Readers!

Since starting 75th +Sedgwick, we've had a few readers reach out to us asking for casual advice on topics such as decor, art and party planning. We are so flattered by this! We rely on each other (duh) and our friends DAILY for advice about, well, everything! S
o we decided to start a new series for the blog!

We're calling it Phone-A-Friend, and we're really excited about it. Essentially, we hope
you'll write to us with ideas you have bouncing around in your head in which you would love a second (non-expert) opinion about! You can read more about how to participate here. We hope you'll find this little series fun and we can't hear about all the projects you have going on out there! To kick off our first ever Phone-A-Friend, we thought we'd start with something we love: decor and bright colors...

Blythe's cousin's cousin (
and Blythe's not even the one from Kentucky!) and dear friend, Emily, is having a baby girl later this year. YAY! Not surprisingly, she and her husband are already nesting and thinking about the nursery. Like many modern parents, they are not so into the classic pale pink nursery thing. Here's Emily's email to us:

...Ultimately, if I can avoid pastels, I must. I just can't take it. So I'm leaning towards poppy red, hot pink and a tiffany blue for the nursery. My question for the ladies of 75th and Sedgwick is, am I insane? Does this go? Will my daughter develop psychological issues because of such color choices? Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be oh so appreciated, since I have no idea if I'm decorating anymore or if my hormones are.
Attached is a pic that first got me thinking about red and pink:The Queen pic is just the colors I want, but a pic of the Queen? Really? Is that obnoxious? Not sure if it works for a nursery... Okay, let me know what you think!

To Emily we say: Yippee! We love this color scheme. Even though the colors are pink and blue, this combo seems unique, refreshing and awesome. Red and pi
nk are a-ok by us, clearly! We feel the way to do it is to pick one or two main colors and then add in pops of the third color. An even amount of all three colors can sometimes create a circus-like feel, don't you think? We love the Queen print as a nod to baby's British roots (Emily's husband is British).

Because we love nurseries but feel creepy looking at them without good reason... we even took this opportunity to gather some ideas for you! Check it out, mama, and keep us posted with your progress!

1. Fabric via Amy Butler, 2. Lamp via Land of Nod, 3. Mobile via blabla, 4. Blanket via Etsy, 5. Balloon via Etsy, 6. Flamingos via Etsy, 7. Fabric via Marimekko, 8. Print via Etsy



  1. Ohhh, I LOVE. You ladies are my new go-to source for all things decorating! This is fab, thanks so much!

  2. Yay! So glad you like it Emily! I can't wait to see what you guys do!

  3. Ladies,
    Someone you know well was raised in a room with primary colors--not pastels and I think he turned out pretty awesome--Go Bold!!!

  4. Whoo-hooo! You commented! Just made my weekend. Thank you so much! Too funny that he had a bright nursery and I bet it contributed to his creative qualities!