Tuesday, June 21, 2011

East River Ferry + Brooklyn Flea

Hi Deweese!

How was your weekend? I saw Bridesmaids (loved it), did some apartment sprucing (not ready for a blog appearance yet, but coming soon!), and on Sunday Nick and I took the brand spankin' new East River Ferry to the Brooklyn Flea. And we've got the photos to prove it! Narrated of course by yours truly...

So, the morning started off slowly. The problem with a free ferry to Brooklyn on opening weekend is that there are long lines and messed up ferry schedules...

Why won't you just take us to Brooklyn?

Despite the line we decided to just stick it out and remember that it was a nice day and after all, we weren't on the subway. And then we finally we made it!

Hello, Gorgeous!

Wait. We live THERE?! Still so crazy to us.

The delay was well worth it for the spectacular views and the cool breeze on our face! Also, much to our excitement, the flea market is located directly off the ferry.  Phew. Now that we had finally made it, the first stop was for food...

D, that was the best grilled cheese ever! It could have been that I was starving, but get this: they grilled it in a way to make these super deep ridges that made it almost taste it was made of two mega waffle fries with melted gruyere inside. Uh-huh. Nick loved his sandwich too!

Now, finally, to the task at hand:

Thought you would like the colors and the patterned/fabric mats on these, D!

I really, really wanted (still want) that rug that's hung over the ladder in that last pic. The colors are beautiful. But it was a 4x6 for $250 and at the time I thought it was way too much. But now I'm thinking it was a good deal and I want to run back and get it! Yikes!

One of the things I enjoyed most were all of the little vignettes that the sellers create at the entrance of their booths:

I love home decor vignettes and wish I was better at creating them. Random note: my very first job was in the housewares section of T.J. Maxx (shocking, right?) and I used to occasionally be allowed to style the "endcaps" (aka the shelves at the end of the aisles). I LOVED doing it and would spend WAY too much time on them!

So now on to what we purchased. Can you tell which booths they came from?

Yup, I am pretty much obsessed with my new little aqua fan. What is it about retro aqua things? I have a problem. But look how cute he is!

D, next time you are here and its not downpouring, we are so there. You'll love it!



  1. obsessed w the new fan! and i've been dying to decorate with vintage wooden boxes, but am on the hunt for them and a place to put them.

  2. Thanks, Lor! Yes, I think I am going to hang it on the wall as a display case of sorts for vases and other doo dads. :) I am sure that some of the thrift stores in NH have got 'em! Have you every been to Rewind in Derry?

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