Monday, June 6, 2011

Target dresses when you're in a pinch...


Ahhhhhhh! I'm feeling so refreshed after our Memorial Day vacay. I wish I was still at the OBX with you guys but I'm feeling great that we treated ourselves to a proper vacation. 

I have to admit that I had a fit of laziness upon our return (still haven't done the laundry). I think I was trying to hang on to the vacation mentality of not having anything to do or anywhere to be. But it's back to reality this week!

I forgot to tell you while we were away that I recently got some dresses from Target that are perfect for lazy or rushed mornings when you have no desire or time to put together an actual outfit for work. They're not the nicest dresses you'll ever own and they may not last forever, but boy are they easy to throw on and run out the door with almost dry hair.

I'm obsessed with the polka-dot...
I also got this purple version which I am less in love with, but still really like. And the Price!!!!!

Have you had any success at Target lately?


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