Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Shower: Goodnight Moon!

Dear Deweese,

How was Louisville? So glad that you had some QT with your family (especially Macaroni). Can't wait to hear all about it. Happy Birthday to your dad! Oh, and as usual, I will add your book recommendation to my list!

As you know, this weekend was Emily's baby shower! Melissa and Emily's mom came up with a great theme: Goodnight Moon, which was Emily's favorite book growing up.  It was a great way to incorporate a literary theme and use bright colors but not too much pink. I highly recommend it for a baby shower for either a baby girl or a baby boy! Check out some of the details of how we put it all together:

In the foyer we had a big welcome sign, a copy of Goodnight Moon, homemade goodie bags by Emily's mom (they were so adorable) with a candy bar and bookmarks based on the invitation for each guest. 

We chose to use sunflowers and decorated (and ate) lots of nostalgic rainbow-colored candy:

And enjoyed delicious lemon cupcakes made by Melissa:

It was so much fun and now I'm even more excited for the arrival of the baby! 


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  1. Really liking all the fancy arrangements of baby shower. Will surely bake same cupcakes for my cousin's baby shower party arranged next week at one of the pretty Venues in San Francisco. Bought a branded watch for her and some cute surprises for soon arriving baby. Hope the special occasion is enjoyed by all family members and friends.