Friday, May 27, 2011

Vacation is FINALLY here!

Hi Deweese,

I'm sure you did the right thing. You are asking the wrong girl about getting convinced to buy products. I just got my haircut last night for the first time in six months. And that's pretty good for me. She tried to push the Bumble and Bumble and I just mumbled "no thanks". However, my hair still smells really nice. Hmmmm. $30.00 isn't too much to spend on leave-in conditioner, is it? Yes, yes it is.

Anyway, anyway, on to the good stuff. At 5pm today it is officially V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! With so much going on lately, Nick and I have been feeling a lot like this little guy who we spotted at PETCO while picking up Sr. Diez:

Now that hamster(?) can MOVE. Seriously, he wasn't even panting!

Well I am panting... and ready for more than a little relaxation. Something more along the lines of this:
Beautiful Photograph by Photographer Valerie Chiang.

With a little bit of this action (or, er, lack there of)...
Via: Flickr

And definitely a little (or a lot) of this...
Photo: Unknown, Via:

So, we'll be away from the computer screen for a couple of days, but will be back bloggin' shortly. I hope everyone reading this blog has some relaxation in store, too... whether its a beach vacation or a staycation. Soak up the sun with a good book. (And some Blue Lizard! C'mon now, safety first!)

Here are some links to help make the day fly by!

  • My mani/pedi choice for the trip.
  • New from SJP.
  • Apparently Urban Outfitters has been stealing the ideas of some independent artists. Not cool, Urban.
  • Has anyone ever tried this? I am intrigued.
  • Whoa. Just, whoa.
  • Spotted this in the Container Store travel section. Genius or holy paranoia? Maybe both?

See ya tomorrow, D! Cant wait.

PS: A year ago this weekend some of my best friends got married and we partied in this rad tent. How cool is that? Just had to share. Happy Anniversary, Stenny!

Photo by Nick!


  1. Love the hamster video and hearing you and Nick in the background :-P

  2. Omg that bed bug spray is brilliant. Not paranoia in the least.

    I live to tell the tale.

    -lil Q