Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summertime Kicks

Hi Deweese,

I know exactly what you mean about flattery vs. lame. Normally when things become too trendy I have this strong negative reaction. This happened with both NKOTB and DMB when I was younger. I disliked them just for being popular. I didn't even have a favorite New Kid (ok, Jordan, but still).

However, I have to admit I totally want Tom's (these ones) and have a few other trendy items on my love/hate list that I too wonder if they are too cliche/robotic! Tom's are definitely OK no matter how trendy... buying them serves a great cause. I want them to get even more popular than they already are, don't you?

Speaking of Tom's, I'm totally on a summer shoe kick lately. Must be the fact that NYC weather has had me in my wellies all week.

So I know this seems sorta anti-female but I am not particularly into shoes. I know, I know, I love them... but I am not into them any more than I am into any other garment. And I'm definitely not into them as much as I am into a chunky beautiful ring, necklace or earring. Just saying. Anyways, this season there's lots to love and I feel like a real shoe lover. Here's my must-have list:

  • Kicks for kickin' around Central Park (already purchased):

  • These hot wedges to pair with wide leg jeans and with shorts (inspiration from Buffalo District!). A splurge for me, but I've loved them for weeks. Might be time to bite the bullet:

  • These Flats (when they go on sale) for color blocking outfits at work and baby/bridal showers, etc, etc, etc:

  • Sandals (still debating about these) for, well, everyday:
Now I just need some super comfy flip flops. Comfy enough for me to make the 3+ mile walk home from the office. Ssekos? Reefs? Maybe I'll go back to my ol' standard: Rainbows. They fit right in with my whole 70's boho vibe.


Oh, and how awesome are these?

Are Zara shoes comfortable? Because I want to buy the whole website!


  1. NO NO NO Blythe - no flipflops on the streets of NYC, especially not for three miles! Please, you know my disdain for flip flops combined with the streets of NYC. It's a lethal combination. That's why you need those Toms. Just bit the bullet. I just purchased my second and third pair.

  2. Yeah yeah yeah -- flip flops for life!! :)