Monday, May 23, 2011

Story of a Chair.

Hi D,

How was your weekend? First and foremost, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.!I hope that you and Jeff had a fabulous day yesterday. I will never forget your pool and chartreuse wedding day (and all the fun we had in Louisville leading up to it) and how happy you two were that day! I'll always remember excitedly watching guests arrive from the windows on the 2nd floor of that gorgeous ol' mansion, and standing in that beautiful, beautiful courtyard watching you two get hitched, officially... sigh. And I know people are still talking about your pie table, girl, you nailed it with that one!

Now back to reality. As an added bonus to Familypalooza, my brother was able to bring down a chair Nick and I purchased at a thrift store in my hometown in New Hampshire. Here's the story of how we got it...

Way back at Christmas Nick and I were searching for a china cabinet and decided a great place to look would be the thrift stores in New Hampshire. These stores are amazing to us New Yorkers because the prices are AWESOME, there is a usually a huge selection, no crowds, and they often have some really beautiful things. While wandering around a thrift store in my hometown I happened to notice this chair and snapped it with Nick's iphone:

Notice the New Hampshire scene out the window... snow and a stone wall!

We forgot all about it and continued our search. As you might remember, we ended up going "big box store" on the china cabinet front and are happy with the results.

Fast forward to April. Nick and I were riding the train to Hudson for our anniversary and I was scrolling through the pictures on his phone. (Nick's phone's photo album is basically a living history of our time in NYC and it is super sweet/nostalgic/hilarious to scroll through. I do it all the time.) So I scrolled to the chair and GASPED. All the sudden I HAD to have it. I sent the pic to my mom and texted: "Have you been there recently? Is it still there?". Mind you, this is 4 months later. In NYC, if you return 4 hours later to Housing Works on a Saturday to see if your "dream whatever" is still there, it's 100% gone. Then and there you learn the lesson to impulse buy, buy, buy.

So my mom, who first taught me about the joy of the shopping hunt, was on it. She drove over to the store and wandered around. No chair. Assume the game is over? No, no, no. She walks over to the shop owner and shows her the picture. This is where the story gets really "New Hampshire":

Mom: "Do you remember this chair you had in your shop around Christmastime?" (This store is actually a huge old house and has rooms filled with the stuff.)

Shop Owner: "Why, sure! That's my neighbor's chair! It never sold."

Mom: "Really? Because my daughter might be interested..."

Shop Owner: "Wonderful! Let me give my neighbor a ring right now."

Ring ring...

"Hey it's me, yeah, someone wants to buy your chair!"

The shop owner said that on the other end of the line she heard her neighbor call out: "Hooooooney, get up off the chair! Somebody wants it!" Apparently her hubby was reading the paper or doing a crossword or something and leaped up to bring it over to the store.

I love New Hampshire.

So what do you think of it?

What I love most is that the upholsterer placed a branch in the center of the chair instead of a flower. I feel overall the style could get pretty preppy, so some mixing of patterns and layering hopefully makes it more folksy/grandma chic. Can't wait for you to see it in person!


PS: I saw two things I want to share with you from CBS Sunday Morning (yes, I'm a grandma who watches CBSSM religiously, and yes, I suggest you try it, too). First, check out this photo tour of colorful home. That living room?! I want to go there. Also, check out this blog of the latest good-looking cat toys and furniture. Yeah, you read that correctly.


  1. 1. I love procrastinating the start of my day (esp on Monday!) reading this here ditty!
    2. LOVE the new chair! and all the NH props that come with...
    3. I literally almost called you yesterday while I was watching Sunday morning - it was as though you and Nicky had produced the entire thing between the VanCleef, the cats and the colorful home! so glad to know we were watching together :) xo

  2. Lori you are hilarious and just made my morning. I know! CBSSM was totally the Nick and Blythe show yesterday. And it didn't even feature our fave, Mo Rocca! Also, you should definitely check out this thrift store in the old Gray Goose house. Tres awesome.