Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snookered: The Story of a Facial


Love all the new blogs! Gotta add these to my google reader. One of my new favorites is Lauren Conrad's: The Beauty Department. It's a gorgeous blog and it has really good and totally achievable beauty tips which I'm always looking for. But I still wonder if I'll ever really be able to put eye-liner on.

Speaking of beauty:

I don’t get facials regularly. I got a few before our wedding at the recommendation of Meggie V, which was a terrific idea. Recently I’ve been feeling a little like my face thinks I’m 14 again, so I decided to seek professional help. My co-worker has been telling me how much she likes Dermalogica, so I found a place in DC that uses their products. Easy enough, right? Blemish-free in no time!

I made an appointment for a ‘Spa Signature Facial’ which cost around $100 for 60 minutes. Pretty standard for what I’ve found in DC. But I didn’t leave with a regular facial. I was SNOOKERED! There I was on the table, with the bright light and eye pads and a gorgeous aesthetician ‘mapping my face’. Turns out, not only am I 14, but ALL of my pores were clogged, I had major blockage and my face couldn’t breathe! THE HORROR! So obviously I agreed to a more in-depth facial with two ‘add-ons’ of extraction (OUCH!) and oxygenation (still no clue what this is but I had to take three deep breaths so that I had more oxygen in my body). Oh and let’s not pretend that I didn’t walk out with a new toner and night cream only because the cleanser and exfoliant were out of stock. Those are next on my list.

Some members of my new zit army.
So what’s a girl to do? Opt for the $100 facial that ‘won’t even begin to fix your problems’ or take the plunge and get to the root of the problem. I would like to note that the aesthetician was perfectly lovely and merely concerned for my poor pores.

Do you facial? Do you let yourself be bamboozled with beauty products?

My new fear (as I patiently wait for my pores to continue detoxing, read: more zits) is that I’m going to clog my face back up with sunblock at the beach next week. Oye. I’m definitely going to bring the Blue Lizard that we have left over from our honeymoon. It’s the best sunblock I’ve tried. Super heavy and greasy, but Jeff and I are one pale pair and we didn’t get an ounce of red in the Dominican Republic last year. Yay!

I haven't been able to focus on anything but our upcoming beach trip next week so I've added some beach fun to our etsy faves. GET ME TO THE BEACH!

See you soon!

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