Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh So DC...


Those kicks are awesome. You gotta get the brown sandals. No clue about Zara shoes. They are all so cute, but for the price point they better hold up for at least a season.  I love shoes and think they can totally make an outfit, but I hate buying them. I hate spending money on them. I should probably be better about that.

I got in supa late last night. I went to a black tie event with my Dad at one of the museums in DC.   The event was an award ceremony for a company that he works with. I don't typically partake in this DC circuit and it was fascinating to attend an event like this. Lots of tuxes, name-dropping and bad wine. It was hysterical and I had a terrific time with my dad and his colleagues.

And... the centerpieces were terrariums! I saw a woman leaving with one and I'm so upset I didn't think of it!

So pretty! After the event we stopped by the Round Robin Bar at the Willard Hotel, a storied place. Their specialty drink is the mint julep, so we were right at home.

I'm also excited to report that Jeff and I are babysitting the Lil' Deuce Coops for the whole weekend. We have a really fun weekend planned full of parks, farmers markets, scootering and pizza!

Happy Friday!

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