Monday, May 2, 2011

Office Update


Princess wedding. Yay! ABC Kitchen. Yummy. Most importantly: YOU GOT A FISH! So exciting. Another little heartbeat to your lovely home. Perfect idea and perfect name. I can't wait to meet him and snuggle watch him swim.

Big weekend here at the Quigley ranch. It was spring cleaning time. We purged our apartment of stuff like it was goin' out of style. Well, most of it was already out of style. After a huge trip to Goodwill, Target to pick up some storage containers and Container Store for those space bag things our apartment has never looked better. We're all ready for our big Derby par-tay on Saturday.

And the best news of all: I got the curtains from Mrs. Q and Jefe hung one set in the office last night. We got rid of the desk (it was actually the kitchen table I grew up eating at) because it had just become a place to stack stuff. Until we find a desk we like, the room will be pretty open which I'm starting to really like. We still have some work to do, like hang the other set of curtains, but I'm so pleased with the result. The curtains make the biggest difference and we're one step closer to our tree house dream!

I think Atty really loves having so much room to stretch out too. It's like his very own yoga studio!

Hope you had a great weekend in Boston!!!


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