Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flattery or Lame?

Dear Blythe-

What a weekend, looks like so much fun. You know I love it when you use your china and your photos are amazing per usual. We have to start planning our trip to NYC next month. I want to do all of these things! How do we fit them in less than 48 hours?

So, when I was little I went to pre-school with twins who always had the coolest and latest pony-tail holders. You remember, giant plastic globes in all different colors and the like.  I was constantly coveting their hair bobbles. I would beg my Mom to take me to the drugstore after school to see if we could find what the twins had worn that day. The twins didn't seem to mind my copycat status and my Mom assured me that imitation is the fondest form of flattery. It's one thing to imitate and get ideas from your friends. But what if you're just imitating the masses?

Let me explain. 

Lately I have been craving a pair of Toms. The only problem is that when I'm walking to my office from the Metro, every other woman I see is wearing them. Sure there are different styles and colors and they are obviously good commuting shoes. But sometimes I worry that if I indulge my craving, I'll end up feeling like I'm joining a tribe of robots on their way to 8 hours of cubicle life.

Toms are just an example of the constant array of trendy items that I covet. And I don't mean Vogue trends necessarily, just stuff you actually see on the street or blogs on a regular basis. Below is a sample of such trends I have loved and some I still love. Some indulged, some resisted and some I just haven't gotten to yet.

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer
2. Keep Calm and Carry On Print
3. Ork DC Poster
4. Toms Coral Linen Women's Classics
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Gold Watch
6. Silhouettes by MissCrowland
7. Organizing Books by Color
8. Longchamp Planetes Tote
9. Succulent Terrariums

Have you given in to any of these? What's your trendy weakness?



  1. Catching up on my blog reading (don't even ask about my own blog...) and thought I'd weigh in on this one.

    I am not above a trend - I have a Keep Calm poster (in the original red color), the Ork DC poster (brown and green `cause it matches the decor, but I love the crackberry color) and the big gold watch (the MK version)and let's not forget Uggs, Hunter boots, etc...Personally, I prefer my books organized by topic (it's the librarian in me).

    But, that's what a trend is and there's no point denying yourself one you like (especially to your point when it's such a great company likes Toms). I think the trick is to pick and choose the ones you truly like and which to pass on before you become a cliche. And hey, how much fun is it to be on the front end of a trend?!

    Anyway, if you're looking for some Tom's alternatives, I like Sanuks ( and this summer I've been living in my Vans (

    Hope all is well!

  2. Leslie, I totally agree. I think you have to edit trends for yourself and go with what you love! Great tips on the Sanuks and Vans too!