Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feather Extensions: Can You Dig It?


I'm so with you! I love the Before & Afters. They are very inspiring and prove just what a lil' paint can do! I dont know, I dont think my step stool is cool enough for a Before & After, but Nick and I actually do have some projects planned that, if they turn out well, we might submit. Stay tuned!

So have you seen the feather extensions that ladies have been sporting in their hair recently? I've been seeing all sorts of them around NYC these days:
You can learn more about them from Miss LC and Refinery 29. I find it fascinating how a style can grow into a trend so quickly. And sentences like that always make me think of that part about Hush Puppies in The Tipping Point and this scene from TDWP:

So genius. But don't get me started on Meryl. This blog post will never end! Annnnyway, in a matter of 4 days I went from seeing no one with feather extensions to seeing at least one person rocking them on the subway every morning. To work. With their work clothes. I considered taking a picture of their heads with my phone... but decided that you can get the mental picture without me freaking anyone out.

So D (and everyone else reading this bloggy): What do you think? Would you wear them? They are certainly boho/70's and fit right in with this summer's trends. But I don't know, they might be better for someone with straight or wavy hair. If I wore them I think that someone might think that an actual feather from an actual bird got caught in my hair and I just haven't realized it yet.

If you like it, they are everywhere online. They're even all over our beloved Etsy... almost 3,000 listings. Maybe I am a little late on this trend!

Would love to know everyone's thoughts!


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