Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fashion Rules

I'm kinda diggin' the feathers. I feel like I need to see them in person though. Do you giggle when you see women wearing them? They kind of remind me of the 'tinsel' that Adrienne Maloof from Real Housewives: Beverly Hills wears in her hair. Even the NYTimes thinks so! 

Speaking of fashion, I had a chuckle the other day on my walk to work. I realized that my 9 year old self would have had a fit if she saw what I was wearing. I was guilty of mixing stripes and a floral pattern. When I was a pre-teen I thought there were specific fashion rules to live by, and wouldn't dream of defying them. Maybe it's because one day in the third grade a teacher noticed that I was wearing plaid shorts with a striped shirt and said "Oh! Someones Mom must be out of town!" Okay, so my Mom was out of town and my fatherly ponytail was probably a dead giveaway, but that comment really stuck with me! Here are the rules as I saw them: 
And here's a glimmer of what I was wearing on Tuesday...

Only the striped (go figure) scarf is a new addition to my closet. The floral skirt is vintage, as in my Mom made it in the 70s. Not only is the pattern adorable, but it has pockets and a zipper and a lace hem to boot!

I'm not saying it's the cutest outfit on the block, but I had fun wearing it!

I would say that I break each of the above rules on a regular basis with the exception of wearing white after Labor Day. I typically feel like white is safe after Easter or at least Derby. But you won't catch me in it the first week in September. I guess old habits die hard!

Guess who else breaks the rules...

What rules to do break? Are there still rules you live by?


PS... Tuesday is also the day a bird Sh*t on me. Good luck my A*s!

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  1. I read the other day that Rachel Zoe says white is ok anytime in the spring! Not sure I'm there yet, but if Rachel Zoe says it's ok, who am I to argue?