Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Familypalooza Recap

Hi Deweese,

I am so glad that your weekend was fun! The W looks gorgeous! We'll have to hit that up next time I'm in town... BTW, when am I "next in town"? We need to get on that. I want to try Founding Farmers and I'm craving some Levante's hummus!

Ok, so my Familypalooza is (sadly) over! It was sooooooo fun and I'm soooooo tired. Too tired, in fact to make cohesive sentences. So here is a random assortment of photographs with some captions!

First up, small family brunch at our place. The french toast was a success, so here's the recipe!

Sigh. Look at those little feet on my new baby "nephew". I'm so lucky to have so many little babies with little feet in my life!

Then, MoMA. Dad was pumped to see one his faves, Tres Musicos. Here's a shot I liked from the current design exhibition:

And a close-up of Water Lillies:
It was fun to go to MoMA with family that never gets to go and even some that have never been. It's feels all warm and fuzzy to visit Starry Night again and yet kinda for the first time.

Add in a reboot for Nick (MoMA carries his favorite kind of coffee, Columbe). He was so psyched:

Then lots more stuff happened including two dinners Saturday night! We couldn't decide on where to eat so we had apps and cocktails at the Central Park Boathouse and dinner at The National. This is a great way for visitors to experience two NYC restaurants in one night!

Then we said goodbye to some family and hello to some more! With this new crew we got to ride the Roosevelt Island Tram... 100% just for fun. I love how having people visit gets us to try things we'd never get around to doing.

So, D, there you have it. Between the two of us I think we hugged enough people. ate at enough restaurants and taken in enough sites (plus a wedding!) to earn an entire weekend of couch time next weekend!



  1. what family fun! how was the tram??? that was something that I always wanted to take, but never did...

  2. it was really fun! they recently renovated it. its disney-clean and very smooth. great views, too! highly recommend. miss you! xo