Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seeing the Day in Color

Hey Deweese,

The image of you, Jeff, and Atty all doing yoga in the new tree house room had me laughing yesterday!! Also, since that book inspired Melissa to inform us of LC's new blog, which is great, then I guess its OK. I give you extra blog points for admitting you are reading it! Finally, I definitely think that you should get the ironing board cover. Its $24. Could you really buy the fabric, thread, and elastic that you need to make it for that much less?

Ok, D. Since I know color is a huge part of your life, do you ever feel like a particular day has a color palette? Sure, every wedding day does... gray with a little bit of pale pink for me, gorgeous pool blue and chartreuse for you... but what about just ordinary days? Recently Nick and I spent the day Central Park and the whole day had just a lovely color scheme to me. I'd love to decorate a room or a wear an outfit just like it someday (that is, if I ever get the courage to wear red):
Check out what I mean:

Ya feel me? Also, note that my gorgeous new cross body saddlebag got its own photo shoot. Best. present. ever! Guess that's what happens when your Bestie goes to Italy right around the time of your bday!! Lucky me!


PS: For more pictures of what CP looks like right now... head over to Hither and Thither. You'll see there's a whole pink thing going on right now, too!

PPS: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Tonight I think I might try to recreate the jalapeno-infused margaritas I fell in love with on my birthday at Barrio Chino! Wish me luck!

PPPS: Even more stuff up on Diggin' (I can't resist) and a new label for all things photography: Shutterbuggin'!

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