Friday, May 13, 2011

Blythe's Familypalooza!

Hi Deweese,

I hear you on breaking fashion rules! What about: "horizontal stripes make a girl look heavier no matter what". Not true! It's really all about fit, don't you think? I break all of those rules you mentioned too (even the white/labor day one). I think my rebellion from "the rules" started at my first internship when my boss told me wearing brown and black together is very "sophisticated". Life is just way more fun this way!

What are you up to this weekend? I'm having a Familypalooza of my own! Loads and loads of family members are coming into town this weekend and we have lots of plans including (but not limited to):

  • Brunch at our place. If the french toast recipe I'm trying is good, I'll post it next week. Quality control comes first on this blog!!
  • An afternoon at MoMA. Have you seen this? I could read those all day!

  • Dinner at the Central Park Boathouse. I've never been (!) and it always reminds me of one of my favorite movies: Little Manhattan. So we'll be headed there if the weather is good, and...
  • Oh yeah and a stop at the original Patsy's a bit later in the weekend. One time Nick and I got sucked into an hour long TV show on PBS or the Food Network or something trying to explain the 100+ year old pizza saga in NYC between Grimaldi's, Lombardi's, Nick's, Ray's, Totonno's and of course Patsy's. I'm still trying to figure it out.
YUM. Talk about a classic NYC weekend, right?

Miss you!

PS: I used hydrangeas to decorate my apartment for this weekend... so I thought I'd feature this gorgeous photo I found by Gardner41 on Flickr. Enjoy!

PPS: Sorry for the delay in our post this AM, dear readers! Blogger was having a "Friday the 13th" moment. Also, hopefully yesterday's post will reappear soon.

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