Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainy and Random


The photos are gorgeous! The guys did a really good job, but the subject (or talent as Nicky would say) was just so gorgeous too! That Lil' Miss is too sweet, a ball of sugar! I miss her so much (and her momma and papa too!). Thanks for editing all of the photos. I don't even really know what that means, but it sounds labor intensive.

A little update on my week so far this rainy Wednesday morning...

Jeff and I had our first beginners yoga class on Monday. Gorgeous, toned and limber Megan taught us some of the poses in increments so we can really learn them and how to breathe with them. It's HARD! But I'm excited to learn more and have been practicing in our office/tree house/yoga studio with the stick figure Sun Salutation A diagram we got in class. 

I have to admit that I put down the book I was reading because it was giving me nightmares! It's so intense. The series is really popular and I hear they're casting for the for the movie, so I want to finish it, but decided maybe I needed a break. In the mean time, I'm reading the literary masterpiece LA Candy by Lauren Conrad. That's right, I'm reading a 'young adult novel' by a reality star. Jeff is concerned about the number of brain cells I'm loosing, but ecstatic that I'm not waking him in up the middle of the night to tell him about children being forced to kill one another (I told you it was horrific!).

Design*Sponge has a new Louisville guide! Can't wait to check some of them out next time I'm in town. I love the D*S City Guide page, so helpful when travelling.

I saw this on Young House Love the other day and I kinda want one. Our ironing board hangs on the back of our office door. I was thinking the red and white polka dots would be so cute. Feel free to tell me I've lost my mind and that my money would be better spent on a manicure, or that I should just pull out my own d*mn sewing machine and make one.

So basically, I'm all over the place this week. What's new!



  1. you will soon become obsessed with yoga it's the best. have u checked out LC's new blog?!

  2. What! How did I not know about this! The website is soooo pretty! I'm in love. Now if only my hair were long enough for one of those adorable buns! Thanks Melis!

  3. I saw the website, but haven't purchased the book yet. I was resisting - please provide a FULL report! I LOVE the polka dots, what a cute way to spice up something as boring as ironing...