Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Ville


What I'm most obsessed with regarding your latest CL purchase, is how obsessed Nicky is with it. He did so much research, and it totally paid off. I agree with you that the cognac color is way more inviting than black. I want to curl up and read my new book in it!

This time of year I get a special skip in my step. Yes the weather is getting nicer. It's light outside when I leave work. The restaurant patios in our neighborhood are packed. But most importantly The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports are just around the corner! My lovely hometown of Louisville, Kentucky is busy sprucing itself up for the festivities and the New York Times took notice with a travel piece called 36 Hours in Louisville, Ky. Oddly enough, I haven't been to half of the places listed, especially if they are new in the last 10 years. Louisville is an amazing town and a great place to live, I'm so proud! One of the best parts of our wedding last year was showing off the city! Check out the article and let me know what you think. You've seen and done some of the things listed for sure!

Christian Hansen for The New York Times

Unfortunately we're not heading to the Derby this year, Lil' Q is graduating from AU that weekend which is just about the only reason I would miss Derby. Brat.

And... Kentucky was in the New York Times again yesterday... apparently a Croatian war criminal has been hiding out in Stanton, KY... which is exactly where I would go if I didn't want to be found!


PS.... I'm loving all the color in the new Boden Summer 2011 catalog!

PPS.... The photos of the wedding in India from our wedding photographers are up. I am speechless.

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