Monday, April 25, 2011

Those little feet!!!


I miss you, Dukester, Lil' Miss, and the rest of my family already! What a wonderful weekend. On the car ride home I looked through Nick and Jeff's photography from our visit. Girl, our dudes done good. I had to stop myself from squealing over the incredible cuteness that is our Lil' Miss! Here's a teaser:

Seriously???? GAH!

Many more photos coming later this week!

In the meantime, a few quick observations:

  • My nephew introduced me to this game called MindFlex over the weekend. I mean, sure its a gimmick and all that, but it's WILD! (also, the videos on the above link are hilarious and worth watching, IMHO!)

  • My 85-year-old Grandma was looking through my nephew's super hero toys over the weekend and commented on how much "Storm" from Xmen looks like "that Lady Gaga". Note: Lady Gaga is now more famous than anyone on the planet.

  • I got a kindle! You have to teach me the ways, mmkay? But let's be real. I'll still only get to every 5th book you breeze through! I finally finished "Loving Frank" (so it takes me a while, whatevs, I like reading NYMag more!). As soon as I finish Bossypants (already love it), it's all kindle all the time!

  • Ehhh, I kinda want to see Bridesmaids. Horrible I know.

  • It was beyond great to see you after so long, Bestie!!!

More to come,

PS: Deweese, I think you and Buffalo District are exactly right. The wrinkly waves in the otomi runner have got to go! Update with extra dowel rod at the bottom to weigh it down coming ASAP!

PPS: The Derby Party food sounds so delicious. I might throw a party myself just so I can make Derby Pie.


  1. Love the photo! Such a tease! Rotten Tomatoes gave Bridesmaids a way higher rating that Water for Elephants... Sounds like it's not that horrible!

  2. those feet are too much for me to handle! can't wait to see more!

  3. ps welcome to the world of Kindle! you're going to love it - it's my new favorite travel companion!