Thursday, April 14, 2011

They Say It's YOUR Birthday!


On my birthday, you sent me the sweetest wishes and it was a terrific birthday (and I'm not really in to birthdays). For YOUR birthday however, I only have one wish for you:

Photo: FoodPeopleWant
I hear Nicky is taking you out for Mexican and I hope you dive head first into your all time fave. After all, it's the simple things.

Welcome to 29 sista!

All my love Bestie,

PS... It looks like you guys had such a nice time in Hudson, what a great town! Maine is at the top of my list for our first anniversary, but Upstate New York is lookin' pretty nice too!


  1. Happy birthday Griff!

    Upstate New York is maybe my favorite place in the world, but only because I'm not from there and I get to leave. I'd love to bring everyone to the Wardwell Compound one of these years...

  2. I did not know about these upstate NY ties...sounds like fun! It is magical place!

  3. ps- thanks for the bday wishes!