Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning and the Cheesecake Factory

Hey D,

It was such a wonderful day! Thanks so much to you and ESC for thinking of the bib. Also, that Etsy article is fascinating. Ok, so, sorry to do this, but the photos from the weekend and all their cuteness are gonna have to wait a few more days! I know, I'm the worst! But I promise its worth the wait!

While I finish Photo Editing 101, I wanted to update you on Spring Clean Out 2011, since I know you were working on this recently, too. It can be so daunting to switch out closets and go through everything, but the reward is so worth it!

When I moved to NYC I made a rule to hopefully help me slowly edit my closet down to just "high quality pieces that fit properly and are in good condition". You know, like the magazines and our mothers tell us to do. I created a system for this project... for every 2 items I donate I can purchase 1 item in return (finances pending). So here are the results this time around:

8 tops, 3 dresses, 4 pairs of pants, 2 bags and a bunch of silly things like cotton t-shirts, scarves, etc. So that translates to roughly 9 new items for this season! Now I just gotta hit up the brand spankin' new Madewell!

I donate most old items to Housing Works, but for the really nice pieces that I simply can't wear any more (no longer fit, etc), I sell them. I've tried ebay and craigslist with mediocre-at-best results. Now I stick to Second Time Around, which L-Love introduced me to. True, you only get 40% of what they sell the garment for, but you drop it off and forget about it until its time to pick up a check! Sa-weet.

The other spring cleaning thing I did is get a new wallet... well a "stand-in" wallet. I've had the same wallet since 2005 (is 6 years a long time for a wallet?). I bought it in Argentina with YOU, and LOVE IT but this year the zipper broke, the plastic over the ID cracked and the leather is so worn my cards slide right out! Sadly, I can't find the brand, Lazaro, available online. BOO. I'd like to take my time and shop for a the perfect wallet, but right now change and my credit cards are falling out to the bottom of my purse. Enter $14.99 stand-in from T.J. Maxx:

I mainly got it cause I like how it looks with my manicure. Oh and its coral (patent leather). Shocking.

In other news, today marks 10 years that Nick and I have been together. Holy smokes! One of the many perks of being together for so long means that there are already lots of baby-faced embarrassing photos of us to laugh at!

Sigh. This photo was taken right around the time we started dating...yes, back when I was just a girl in a boxy jean jacket just wishin' the semester with Nick wouldn't end... and Nick was just dude in a boxy Hawaiian shirt (wait a sec, I think he still has that shirt) just wishin' for a second date. Possibly a repeat occasion at the Cheesecake Factory? Oh yes, that's right. Our first date was at the Cheesecake Factory. Anyone gotta problem with that? If so, then I suggest you warp back to age 19 and try the oreo cheesecake. I'll wait right here for your call to apologize.

Oh, and we're going to ABC Kitchen tonight. A wee step up from the first date. So excited.


PS: This story kinda relates to my Spring Cleaning. As a massive thrift shopper, this is disappointing... and yet, its Vicky's, so, hmmmmm. Thoughts?


  1. Love the photo! and the purge! Saw a great new purge technique (though you know I follow the rules you sent me religiously) on Nate Berkus... the presenter was saying put all of the clothes in your closet on the hangers facing hook out and then in six months, only keep what's on hangers that are turned around. I'm going to try it with the spring switch.