Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sale Mail

TEN YEARS! Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys. I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating! How was ABC Kitchen?

I'm so impressed with your spring cleaning. What a great idea to only replace half of what you get rid of. I have so much in my closet that I don't wear because it's old/ugly and even more that I don't wear because it doesn't fit right or has a button missing. I have a huge stack of clothes that need to be donated or consigned, but your system is an inspiration! I feel like the best way to pair down your wardrobe is to just move to Manhattan and get a small closet. Hmmmm.

Speaking of cleaning, I was doing my best to clean out my email last night and realized just how many 'sale' emails I get every day. Remember about two years ago when lots of 'member only' online sales started popping up? Well I signed up for all of them. But now I'm wondering if they are more of a nuisance than anything. Sure, I buy things here and there, but sometimes they just overwhelm my inbox! 

Here's what I currently get: 

Fab: This is brand new and the sales haven't started yet. So I'm not totally familiar with it yet. Thanks Lacy for sending it along!

Rue la la, Haute Look and Gilt: I put these in the same category because they're very similar. They have men, women, home and vacay categories.

One Kings Lane: Delish home goods. Lots are out of my price range but great for ideas and they have accessories and books that can be moderately priced as well.

Shop It To Me: I like this one because you tell them what your favorites stores are and your sizes and they send you customized daily or weekly emails of what's on sale. One stop shopping. They also just added Anthro to their rolls, so obvi I'm hooked.

Whew, that's a lot of daily emails!

I'm sure there are hundreds more that I could sign up for, but I think I'm at my max. Which sale mails do you get? Any other suggestions?

Yours in sales,

PS... THE Wedding is tomorrow! Are you getting up at 4am? I'm gonna record it and watch it when I get home... after trying to avoid coverage of it all day. Oye.

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